In Addition To Travel, ChatGPT Will Now Also Give Restaurant Suggestions!

by Shreya Rathod
In Addition To Travel, ChatGPT Will Now Also Give Restaurant Suggestions!

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most-talked technologies. A buzz has been created around this modern mechanism, but the current one is what people are sceptical of — ChatGPT! This AI-based chatbot is making its way to change several ways of the working world. And it will probably put a lot of us out of our jobs! Powerful technology with concealed capability. Apart from this, ChatGPT can now help you with restaurant recommendations. Read further to know what else it can do!

ChatGPT Can Now Make Restaurant Suggestions!


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Let’s start by asking you — where do you get good restaurant recommendations? Certainly, you tapped into the Google search engine and asked to recommend restaurants of your choice, right? The intriguing ChatGPT can even do that! According to the company, they have added initial support for the users — or plugins. These plugins can help the creators learn the real-world use of this chatbot. Moreover, they are eager to try several such experiments.

A video tweeted by Greg Brockman stated that ChatGPT will now offer you restaurant recommendations, suggest recipes to make, ingredients to buy and even count its calories! If you plan to eat sushi, ChatGPT will suggest the best sushi restaurants near your place. But how? Well, OpenTable — a restaurant booking platform has given access to data from 50,000 restaurants around the world.

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To explain how ChatGPT and the platform will work together, the latter has posted a video on Instagram. According to it, the users will provide links to make restaurant bookings. Currently, users with ChatGPT Plus accounts have access to these plugins. To get more use out of this chatbot, users have been asking for more such plugins.

Uses Of This Technology

Apart from simple things, this chatbot can compile, debug and write codes and help you learn programming languages. It is a wonderful learning tool that can help you explain and understand many things. Moreover, you can modify your learning experience by stating how you want things to be explained.

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As for students from schools and universities, this tool can help with their assignments and homework!

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