Delhiites, You Can Now Get Your Passport In Just 5 Days! All You Need Is This…

by Sanjana Shenoy
Delhiites, You Can Now Get Your Passport In Just 5 Days! All You Need Is This…

Passport verification could be a hassle. Standing in long queues at the passport office, tiresome paperwork in hand, and verification that takes ages can leave one totally exhausted. Well, not anymore for Delhiites. Folks in Delhi can get new passports in just 5 days. Yes, this is true and how. So, all you need is this. Read on!

Delhiites, Check Out The Steps To Follow To Get Your Passports

Delhi now has a new online service for passport verification called mPassport Seva. Instead of waiting for 15 days to get new passports, it’s now possible to get your passports in just 5 days. Union Home Minister, Amit Shah launched this facility which completes the entire passport verification process in less than a week. So, no more waiting! The best part is that Delhiites don’t even need to visit the passport office.

Here’s what to do to get your passports:

  • Log in to mPassport Seva facility on mobile, computer or even tablet
  • Register on the Passport Seva Portal
  • After registration, login and apply for police clearance certificate
  • Add the required details
  • Make the payment
  • Book an appointment at local passport centre
  • Get the confirmation about the appointment
  • Download and take printout of the confirmation
  • Carry this hard-copy of the confirmation along with the necessary documents

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Relief For Delhiites & The Police

Interestingly, instead of a long list of documents for address proof, your Aadhaar card is sufficient. This new mPassport Seva online service shall reduce the workload of the Delhi Police. Currently, they process over 2000 passport applications in a day. Due to cumbersome processes, especially for passport verifications, many people experienced delays with international travel. But with the new online process in days, you can get your passport in just 5 days, which is a relief and a welcome move.

Picture Credits: Canva

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The government has recognised the importance of fastening the pace of the passport verification process and the growing demand for passports. After all, passports are an essential documents for international travel. So, this will in turn promote more travel and at the same time, even people travelling for work can get their passports quickly.

So, what do you think of this new move, Delhiites? Isn’t this total relief?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva