Travel To 48 Countries Visa-Free With Your Indian Passport! Here’s How You Can Do It

by Sanjana Shenoy
Travel To 48 Countries Visa-Free With Your Indian Passport! Here’s How You Can Do It

Travel enthusiasts, did you ever wish you could travel the globe freely, without a care in the world? Well, with an Indian passport, you can actually travel to 48 countries visa-free or on E-visas But there is an essential tip involved that you must know about. So, without further ado, just scroll through the article and read on to know the super cool tip.

Travel The World In Style With A US Visa On Your Indian Passport

Solo female traveller and travel coach, Aakanksha Monga took to her Instagram handle @aakanksha.monga to share a great tip for travel enthusiasts. In her video, she reveals that on an Indian passport, you can travel hassle-free to 48 countries visa-free or even with just an E-visa. How does this work? The biggest tip you can get is that you need to have a US tourist visa or a work visa in hand. If you have a US tourist or work visa, you can make your travel dreams come true and how!

In case you don’t have it just apply with an E-visa. And in case you are one of the super blessed travellers that have a US visa, then get ready to jet off to scenic destinations like Malaysia, Argentina, Peru, Singapore, Albania, Cuba, Bonafire, Egypt, Bahamas and more almost visa-free. To travel to Turkey, all you need is an E-visa.

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Netizens Recollect The Ease Of Travel With This Hack

The video went viral in no time, garnering over 61k likes. Many took to the comments section to talk about the ease of visa getting stamped for countries in case one has a US visa. A Netizen @samy.2530 revealed travelling to Turkey on a US  B1/B2 visa, and it took just one minute to get E-visas. Another social media user @jacobfromtoronto states that they earlier had US visas on their Indian passports and travelling the world wasn’t a bad experience with this. 

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Reasons To Get US Tourist Visa:

  • As mentioned earlier, you can travel to 48 countries almost visa-free or with just an e-visa
  • This will help strengthen the power of your Indian passport
  • You can take budget-friendly transit flights visa the USA to the Caribbean or Latin America instead of expensive direct ones.
  • These have long-term validity of 10 years
  • With a US visa, you can get other visas like to Canada or the UK
  • You can get visas of other nations stamped quickly with a US visa on your Indian passport.

So, the next time you want to travel the world hassle-free, just apply for a US visa. We know it may take some time under the current situation, but it is worth it. Once you have a US visa there are 48 countries you can visit easily with just e-visas. So, skip queues, get your visas stamped quickly and travel the world in style!

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