You Can Travel To Over 30 Countries Visa-Free With Your Indian Passport; Here’s How

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Travel To Over 30 Countries Visa-Free With Your Indian Passport; Here’s How

Whenever we plan an international trip, the one thing that always comes to our mind is the visa. Getting a visa on time and tons of steps to follow for that is surely tiring but now you can skip all that as you can travel globally to more than 30 beautiful countries across the world with your Indian passport. Yes, you heard that right! Using your Indian passport, you can now jet off to some of the most stunning destinations around the globe visa-free. Which are these countries and how to travel there? Read on for all the answers!

Fly To More Than 30 Countries Globally Visa-Free With Your Indian Passport

Aakansha Monga is a solo female traveller and she creates insightful videos on her travelling experiences. Just some time back, she shared a very helpful video where Aakansha spilled the secrets of travelling internationally visa-free. You can check out her video linked right here.

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The secret to travelling to 38 countries visa-free with an Indian passport is getting a Canadian Tourist Visa. This visa comes with lots and lots of perks and is perfect for exploring all across the world visa-free.

Here’s Why You Need To Get A Canadian Tourist Visa:

  • As shared earlier, you can embark on journeys to 38 countries visa-free.
  • There is no visa interview process for getting this Canadian Tourist Visa.
  • It comes with a validity of a long period, as long as 10 years.
  • In fact, it is cheaper than a US visa. It costs you about USD $160 for a US visa whereas a Canadian Tourist Visa costs just USD $100.
  • At present, it is also easier and faster to get a Canadian Tourist Visa. As shared in the video, it took Aakansha about just a month for the whole process.
  • With this visa, you can jet off to different countries such as Costa Rica, Egypt, Georgia, Guatemala, Mexico, Montenegro, the Philippines, Peru, and a lot more.

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So are you all set to get your hands on a Canadian Tourist Visa? This surely comes with so many different benefits and perks and helps you to travel visa-free with your Indian passport.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay