Woman’s “Idli Hits Better With Misal” Tweet Starts Twitter War. Which Side Are You On?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Woman’s “Idli Hits Better With Misal” Tweet Starts Twitter War. Which Side Are You On?

Trust Twitter to be a great source of news, entertainment and even wars. Don’t believe us? The food wars started on Twitter pit foodies supporting one dish against another. There is debate, discourse, rebuttal and whatnot to come to a fair conclusion. In yet another such food war, a woman tweeted “Idli hits better with Misal”, and you guessed it right, a Twitter war commenced. So, which side are you on? Is this a food combination you’d approve of?

Twitterati Says Idli With Misal Tastes Good

Aditi AKA @SassySoul shared a picture of her meal platter. It includes two idlis, a bowl of spicy misal topped with crispy farsan, a slice of lemon and some more farsan on the side. The Twitterati’s meal celebrated both South Indian and Maharashtrian cuisines. But that wasn’t the case. Aditi captions her picture that “Idli hits better with Misal” and she further adds that she wasn’t gonna lie.

While idli is typically paired with the lentil preparation, sambar or coconut chutney, the Maharashtrian speciality, misal is devoured with soft bun or pav. In no time, her tweet went viral, garnering 34.8k views, 209 likes and many comments. @desimojito commented that he enjoys momos with rasam in Sri Lanka. @tulikaraizada comments that she enjoyed idlis with misal combination in Pune last August.

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Starts Food War On Twitter

@makedelhi comments that they themselves like to enjoy rava idli with aloo matar gravy, which their kids detest. @topesandeep chimes in that he tried idli with misal food combination many times and loved it. He adds that the rassa gives a different taste.

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Some Netizens were intrigued by this food combination, but others were simply appalled by it. @Harihar78240631 called it stupidity and stressed enjoying both dishes with their own pairings and keeping their uniqueness intact.  Even @tknbgnvf8c didn’t agree and said they prefer idlis with chutney. @k_Sujeets comments that idli lovers would hate her for this.

Well, which team are you on in this Twitter food war? Is it Team A- idli with misal? Or Team B- leave idli and misal alone?

Cover Image Courtesy: @SassySoul / Twitter