Women Follow Me Because I Travel Despite Marriage & Child But Here’s What They Don’t Know

by Kamiya Jani
by Kamiya Jani6494

I feel extremely humbled when a lot of young girls bump into me and tell me how much I inspire them. When I thank them, they say that they are inspired by the fact that I travel and pursue my passion despite having a child. I feel happy to learn that they know about this side of my life even though my social media is littered with solo travel posts and celebrity interviews. I have a short message for all you young girls who follow me and feel inspired by my journey — to give you just the kick you need to stop dreaming and start doing.

1. Face Rejections

Just one year into my job as a writer, I asked if I can be on camera to do TV anchoring. I was told I am not good enough to be in front of the camera. I was disheartened but not broken. I did not let my emotions or ego take over my senses and take a drastic step like quitting the job. I started working on myself and stayed in the same job (reluctantly) until I found another job closer to my dream.

2. Stay Persistent

I did not get a chance to face the camera in my second job too. I was working as a writer and a producer. I carried tripods with my videographers, managed make-up, and outfits for the anchor of the show. But, I did not feel belittled or insecure because I still had not made it. I only knew that I got an inch closer to my dream. I worked there for two years learning every trick of the presentation and production skills. Everyone has potential; it’s finding the willpower and determination that takes discipline.

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3. Be A Back-Up

After five years in the corporate world, I was still not doing any stable camera-facing work. I was called to fill in when someone fell sick or was caught up with a shoot. And if the main anchor got free before her show, I would be told to go back to my desk as the anchor would take over the studio. And also mind you, this was not even the prime show. It was either the early morning show or a mid-afternoon when the TRP is at its low. I will be honest, I never got any complex or felt inferior. I was grateful that I was finally getting that opportunity to be in front of the camera.


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4. Maximize Every Opportunity

You can manifest all you want, but you can’t sit and chill. You have to take action. Even in that 30-minutes of on-air time, I ensured that I did my best to make an impact. To date, I never got any email from my boss saying, “You did a great job”. But yes, after two years of filling in for another anchor’s absence, I was made permanent on the morning show. That’s a corporate way of appreciation. When you get opportunities, it means you are good and that’s the time to crack it. Grab all that you can. For a prime-time anchor, that would be the least important show. But for me, it was my dream. Never compare!

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5. Do Not Feel Guilty

Marriage and kids? Yes, they are important but it’s not the only end goal you should have. Yes, it takes a lot to be a working woman in the patriarchal society that we are born into. But I am not doing anything wrong. I am working like any other man, earning like any other man, and managing home like any other woman. I do not want to compare myself to my mother but she had three kids and I have one. I probably got the same time and attention from her that I am giving to my daughter, or probably more. Why should I feel guilty only because I got an opportunity to find joy in work? Besides, the most important thing you can give your child is a positive self-image which I own.


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6. Don’t Try To Please Everyone

I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot please everyone. Every day, I disappoint at least one person – a colleague, a family member, a follower/subscriber, or a friend. But I don’t let the external world decide how I feel on the inside. I have made a promise to myself to walk with joy, no matter what.

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Fundamentally, we need to practice being kind to ourselves. Do not fear what others think, and focus on what feels right for you. Be proud to stand out in a crowd and never lose focus on what is important for you.


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