Woodpeckers Hide 300 KGs Of Acorn In A Man’s House And It’s Nuts. Quite Literally!

by Tooba Shaikh 207

In an incident that is quite literally nutty, pest exterminators find nearly 300 kilogrammes of acorns stashed inside the walls of a man’s house! This was done by a bunch of woodpeckers who habitually hide acorns and food inside the hollows of a tree. The stash was discovered by a pest extermination service person who was called to the house for a worm infestation. The person later took to Facebook and shared his experience.

Woodpeckers Hide 300 KGs Of Acorn Inside The Walls Of A House

There are many people who stash various things inside walls. Drug dealers hide drugs, money hoarders hide money, and some even hide their jewellery inside walls. However, when Nick Castro, a pest exterminator was called to a home for a worm infestation, he ended up finding something even more surprising!

He found 700 lbs (300 kilogrammes) of acorns stashed inside the walls of this house. Needless to say, the incident took him by surprise. He took to Facebook and posted about this unusual incident along with photographs.

The caption to the post read “Came across this on a job. Bird was a bit of a hoarder. Filled up about 8 garbage bags full of acorns weighing in 700 lbs. Unreal never came across something like this.”

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Credits: Nick’s Extreme Pest Control/ Facebook

About The Bird And Its Behaviour

Woodpeckers, and more so Acorn Woodpeckers are great at collecting acorns. As their name suggests, these woodpeckers carve holes in the trunks of trees and hide their loot there. When the hole is filled, they tend to guard it ferociously.

According to reports, the woodpeckers had previously attempted to hide the acorns in the wooden siding of the house. However, the previous owner covered the house in vinyl which forced the woodpecker to move its hiding spot.

It later found a cavity in the chimney of the house and started filling it up with acorns. However, since the acorns kept falling inside the walls, the cavity did not fill up and the woodpecker kept hiding more acorns in it. This led to the wall being filled with a huge amount of acorns.

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Have you ever heard of something so nutty?

Cover Image Credits: Nick’s Extreme Pest Control/Facebook