Birdwatchers, Attention! Majestic American Black Vulture Spotted In Delhi NCR

by Suchismita Pal
Birdwatchers, Attention! Majestic American Black Vulture Spotted In Delhi NCR

Sightings of rare creatures fascinate everyone. A similar thing happened in Delhi NCR recently. A majestic black bird was seen hovering in the greens of Gurgaon’s Budhera Canal area. It was an American black vulture. Experts say these birds usually do not cover long distances and also refrain from traversing large water bodies. Thus, spotting the bird in Delhi NCR was quite surprising.

American Black Vulture In Gurgaon Amuses Birdwatchers

Twitter user Anu Mathur uploaded the pictures of the American black vulture from the Budhera Canal area. Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan commented on the post and stated that the bird must have fled from captivity. Kaswan added that incidents like these happened earlier as well. Cross-border animal smuggling is a serious issue nowadays and several reports relating to the crime have surfaced in the past few years. Last year, kangaroos were spotted in the streets of West Bengal.

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Budhera Canal: A Haven For Birdwatchers

The Budhera Canal area in Gurgaon is a great spot for bird enthusiasts. Time and again, rare birds can be spotted here. Earlier, endangered white-winged terns and Indian skimmers were also spotted in the region. Other birdwatching spots in Delhi NCR include Sultanpur National Park, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary and Okhla Bird Sanctuary, to name a few. In another recent incident, a beautiful melanistic Asian golden cat was spotted in West Bengal. Buxa Tiger Reserve officials photographed some snaps of the elusive creature. Interestingly, these are the first-ever photographic records of the animal.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Anu Mathur/Twitter