World Coffee Conference 2023 Is Happening In Bengaluru; All You Need To Know About It

by Mallika Khurana
World Coffee Conference 2023 Is Happening In Bengaluru; All You Need To Know About It

Get ready for an unprecedented coffee journey as Bengaluru, India, steps onto the global stage by hosting the 5th World Coffee Conference (WCC). From September 25 to 28, 2023, Bengaluru will welcome coffee aficionados, industry leaders, and decision-makers from over 80 countries. It’s a significant milestone as India and Asia make their first-ever appearance as hosts, endorsed by the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) under the United Nations.

World Coffee Conference Has Come To Bengaluru

Indian coffee, renowned for its quality, has often remained underappreciated on the global stage. By showcasing India’s top-tier coffee to the world, WCC 2023 is set to change this narrative . While Indian robusta is acclaimed as the world’s finest, Indian arabica holds its ground globally. The event will certainly redefine how the world views Indian coffee. In fact, India’s selection as the host of WCC 2023 is a testament to its flourishing coffee ecosystem. With a rich coffee heritage and a vibrant coffee culture, India is also making a name for itself as a leading producer of exceptional coffee.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About It

The highlights of the event:

  • WCC 2023 isn’t just a global gathering; it’s also a catalyst for change in India’s domestic coffee market. 
  • Over 2,400 enthusiasts have already registered for WCC 2023, including coffee growers, roasters, exporters, traders, cafe proprietors, and retailers. 
  • The event boasts a diverse assembly of delegates from 60 countries. It features 40 global CEOs and 50 Indian CEOs participating in this remarkable coffee conference. 
  • The Coffee Board is distributing 36,000 business passes, with an additional 15,000 passes set to be distributed or sold.

  • After inaugurating the event, Union Minister Piyush Goyal emphasised the huge potential in the Indian coffee industry.
  • He stressed the need to expand coffee cultivation, introduce coffee to new regions within India, and promote Indian coffee to international destinations.
  • Goyal also encouraged the Coffee Board of India to take on the mission of expanding the reach of Indian coffee.

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  • The Indian government has committed ₹12.5 crore plus GST from the Coffee Board’s internal budget to support the event, with industry players contributing the remaining funds.
  • WCC 2023 revolves around “Sustainability through the Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture.” 
  • Climate change, production costs, and price volatility are pressing concerns in the coffee industry. 

  • The event seeks to facilitate discussions, share knowledge, and explore the circular economy and regenerative agricultural practices that can safeguard the industry’s future.
  • WCC 2023 offers a unique platform for businesses to showcase their products to a global audience. 
  • Engaging in competitions, easy networking with international buyers, enhanced product visibility, and the opportunity to build lasting business relationships await participants.

Sip, savour, and celebrate as Bengaluru brews up an unforgettable coffee experience at WCC 2023!

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