Video Of Prasad Served At ISKCON Mayapur Goes Viral. Netizens Hum, “They See Me Rolling”

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Prasad Served At ISKCON Mayapur Goes Viral. Netizens Hum, “They See Me Rolling”

In most Indian temples, thousands and lakhs of devotees eat prasadam each and every day. So many people enjoy these communal meals after worshipping God at the temple. A huge number of people usually sit on the floor and enjoy the served prasadam. A video of worshippers eating prasad at ISKCON Mayapur is going viral. The biggest highlight of this viral video is the way and the speed of serving food to everyone.

Here’s The Viral Video Of Prasadam Served At West Bengal’s Iskcon Mayapur

Creator Kamalesh (@kam.alesh98) took to Instagram to share some clips of the temple and the room where food is served to thousands each and every day.


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The video opens by showing staff covering distances sliding on a trolley-looking platform holding a huge utensil of rice. We can see that a massive crowd of devotees are sitting in queues on the floor and relishing the garam garam prasadam served to them. ISKCON temple serves different types of food every day. What grabs everyone’s attention is the style and control of the staff and workers sliding with the trolley and serving food without spilling anything.

In fact, the video has some beautiful clips of the temple and its surroundings. ISKCON Mayapur is located in the Nadia district of West Bengal.

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Here’s What Internet Users Have To Say

ISKCON Mayapur
Picture credit- Instagram/ Kamalesh (@kam.alesh98)

Shared about 3 weeks back, the video is going viral like crazy on the Internet. It has already garnered almost 25 million views with more than 1 million likes and thousands of comments. People are impressed seeing the ‘fast and furious’ style of serving prasadam. There are a few Netizens who questioned and complained about the way of serving prasadam in the ISKCON Mayapur. Other Instagrammers came forward to explain the reason behind temples feeding so many devotees every single day and serving prasad is such a fast process.

An Instagrammer named vsahnii commented, “For those who don’t know Bharat, known as India has an ancient tradition of organising the distribution of Prasadam on spiritual events such as kirtan, katha and festive celebrations. It is regarded as pious. In Sanatan Vedic Culture, food distribution is considered the topmost donation, as while distributing food to anybody, we don’t have to test whether they deserve this according to their eligibility in terms of good karma or not. Anndaan is considered as Mahadaan. On the other hand, wearing slippers is not allowed in Vedic activities as in the presence of celestial demigods and in front of God’s form in the temple, it is not right to wear footwear as it is disrespectful. Jai Shri Krishna!”

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Have you ever eaten prasadam at a temple and seen people serving food in such a fast process?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kamalesh (@kam.alesh98)