World’s First Cheese Kebab AKA Cheebab Is Making Its Way To Greenwich, UK

by Shreya Rathod
World’s First Cheese Kebab AKA Cheebab Is Making Its Way To Greenwich, UK

Among meat dishes, kebabs are everyone’s favourite as it offers a succulent treat to try. But have you heard about the Cheebab, yet? Yes! This is the world’s first real vegetarian cheese kebab made by Roland Rüegg, a cheesemaker. And this perfectly delicious treat is making its way to the United Kingdom! The Cheebab will make its debut at Greenwich’s Cutty Sark Market in South London. But what exactly is a Cheebab? Read on to find out!

Cheebab Making Its Way To The UK!

Credits:Natürli/ Facebook

The first vegetarian cheese kebab AKA Cheebab is set to make its debut in London on April 6th. But what is so unique about it? Well, unlike other cheeses, this one doesn’t melt. However, it becomes beautifully charred and crispy when prepared on an ordinary rotisserie grill. Moreover, there is no use of animal rennet while making the Cheebab — however, they use the vegetable one! And therefore, it is completely a vegetarian product.

As for the protein content, it scored high on the nutrition chart as it is made with high-quality Swiss cow’s milk and has a shelf life of six months. And with innovation and craftsmanship, this tasty treat is a special one!

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People Responsible For This Innovation

The brand called Natürli is the one responsible for the creation of this wonder. The brand was founded with an aim to promote the sale of cheese and upscale its production, dairy products and other specialities from the Zurich mountain region.

Besides traditional cheese making, the company decided to head in the direction of innovating different products. That is when the concept of Cheebab came into view. The cheese maker Käserei Rüegg made this vegetarian alternative to kebab. You can grill it on regular skewers just like the original one!

The company is set to launch this cheese kebab in London and is eager to notice the reactions of locals. Everyone in the United Kingdom is eagerly waiting for this vegetarian cheese. And ready to have a bite of this creamy delicacy!

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So, are you also waiting to try what this swiss-made vegetarian version of kebab would look like?

Cover Image Courtesy: Natürli/ Facebook