Western Railways To Stamp Monthly Pass To Prevent Misuse

by Kritika Kukreja

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Western Railway will be stamping monthly passes to avoid daily commuters from occupying any of the reserved or sleeper coaches in the trains. 

What Is It?

If you have a monthly pass from any city belonging to the Western Railways, we’ve got some news for you. Western Railway will be stamping the pass to avoid any commuter from occupying the reserved or sleeper coaches in the trains. So any long-distance pass holder will not be allowed to travel in reserved sleeper coaches.

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What Do We Know?

If the commuters wish to travel by the express trains, they will have to purchase passes/tickets for superfast express trains to occupy the reserved sleeper coaches. Travelling in reserved coaches for any pass holder is illegal, but this has been practiced since a long time. Now WR aims to stamp these passes to avoid passengers from taking the reserved coaches.

Ticket checking will be done more frequently and if caught, the passengers will be fined a minimum of ₹250. 

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