X User Shares Video Of KFC Staff Manually Changing Display Menu; Netizens Say, “Mai TV Samjhta Tha”

Social media teaches us something new every day. Today is about learning that KFC menus can be displayed manually.

by Shreya Ghosh
X User Shares Video Of KFC Staff Manually Changing Display Menu; Netizens Say, “Mai TV Samjhta Tha”

Have you been to KFC before? Well, my question needs to be ‘How many times have you visited KFC outlets’? This fast food chain is massively famous among foodies of all age groups, especially kids and young customers. Recently, KFC lovers got quite a surprise after seeing a viral video of staff changing the display menu. Feeling confused? Well, I am here to spill the beans!

KFC Employee Changed A Display Menu Manually In A Viral Video!

Taking to X, Nikhil Gupta (@Nikhilgupta1104) shared the viral clip that has left KFC lovers completely stunned.

The video shows how a staff stands below the installed frames right behind the billing counter. She takes a bright printed menu and fits it perfectly inside one of the frames with black borders. The viral video has left everyone wondering if these fast food chains use similar frames for their menus or if our whole lives have been a lie thinking these to be TV screens.

Some Netizens also revealed that KFC also uses screens to display their menu and options. It looks like the fast food chain uses both physical banners and digital screens in different outlets to present the menus.

Every time I have been to KFC, I see the menu and food options beautifully displayed on TV screens installed behind the billing area. Just like you and our other readers, this is my first time to realise that a physical menu is an actual thing in KFC and employees often place the printed ones inside the well-lit menu frames. Now I wonder, if different KFC outlets use screens or if every place uses physical banners illuminated by LED lights that give the screen-like resemblance.

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This Viral Video Is A Major Surprise For Netizens

This video came as a major shock for most X users. Most of us know that the display menus in KFC outlets are presented on giant screens. But this recent clip has surely changed everyone’s perception of this idea and also we got to see and learn something new. Netizens are reacting to the post saying how many of them know that menus are displayed on TV or any screens. This is the first time most people realised that even staff manually replaces menus using physical banners.

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Let us know if you are also surprised to see the viral video.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Nikhil Gupta (@Nikhilgupta1104)

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