Yes, There’s Tall, Grande and Venti, But Desi Folks Have You Tried Picco Cup Size At Starbucks India?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Yes, There’s Tall, Grande and Venti, But Desi Folks Have You Tried Picco Cup Size At Starbucks India?

We as Indians are accustomed to drinking chai and even filter coffee in smaller portion sizes as compared to the ones served at Starbucks. Think cutting chai that’s served in small kulhads and glasses or filter kaapi in steel tumblers. So, in a bid to cater to us desis, Starbucks introduced an all-new Picco cup size earlier this year. Yes, so apart from Tall, Grande, and Venti, Starbucks also has a Picco size that’s even smaller than Short. Here’s all about it.

Did You Know Starbucks India Has A Super Small Picco Cup Size?

Starbucks India first launched Picco size in July this year. The all-new cup size ‘Picco’ translates to ‘small’ in Italian. We desis could order our beloved masala chai or filter kaapi in Picco size (180 ml) starting from just ₹175. The best part? These are the cheapest beverages on the Starbucks India menu. Taking India’s love for small drinks and plates, the Picco size is smaller than Short which has a 240 ml capacity.

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It’s The Cheapest Beverage Option

However, the Picco cup size is not available in all Indian cities. It’s rather served only in Tata Starbucks’s Gurugram, Bhopal, Indore and Bengaluru outlets. While Short is the smallest Starbucks cup size across the globe, the international coffee chain curated a smaller cup size just for India. Moreover, it also puts coffee lovers’ hesitations at ease as the drink costing ₹180 is more budget-friendly and convenient.

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No More Over-Sized Beverages & Hot Drinks Getting Cold!

After all, more often than not, Indians don’t consume coffee or tea in large quantities like the West. The biggest pet peeve also involves the hot beverage getting cold too quickly when served in large quantities in massive cups. When it comes to Frappuccinos and cold beverages, they often get too icy when served in Tall and Venti sizes.

So, are you excited to try the pocket-friendly and hassle-free Picco-sized beverage at Starbucks India?

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay