Starbucks Co-Founder Is A Fan Of Vidyarthi Bhavan’s Filter Coffee! We Just Hope A Chai Tea Blunder Doesn’t Happen To Filter Kaapi!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Starbucks Co-Founder Is A Fan Of Vidyarthi Bhavan’s Filter Coffee! We Just Hope A Chai Tea Blunder Doesn’t Happen To Filter Kaapi!

What happens when two iconic coffee giants meet? Well, it’s time to spill the kaapi! Bengaluru’s iconic filter coffee-masala dosa paradise, Vidyarthi Bhavan, had an unexpected visitor on Thursday. And it was none other than the Starbucks co-founder, Zev Siegl. The co-founder of the world’s largest coffee brand, Zev Siegl enjoyed his filter coffee so much, that Netizens are worried that he’ll make a chai tea-like blunder out of their beloved drink. Here’s all about it.

Starbucks Co-Founder Zev Siegl Visits Vidyarthi Bhavan

On November 3, Thursday, Starbucks co-founder Zev Siegl walked into Bangalore’s 75-year-old iconic Vidyarthi Bhavan. Seigel was in Bangalore as he had to attend the Global Investors Meet 2022 in the city. The entrepreneur co-founded Starbucks in 1971 and later became the Vice President and director of the international chain of coffee houses. While he departed from the company in 1980, he currently works as a start-up consultant.

At Vidyarthi Bhavan, Zev Siegl tucked into their signature crispy golden masala dosas and sipped the quintessential filter kaapi. Vidyarthi Bhavan took to its Twitter handle to announce the arrival of the global coffee icon. They revealed that he not only enjoyed the food but also expressed the same in their guest book too.

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He Enjoyed The Masala Dosa & Gave Three Stars To The Filter Coffee

The Starbucks co-founder also expressed joy in dining at the iconic Bangalore restaurant. Siegl wrote in the restaurant’s guest book that he shall take this experience back with him to Seattle. He further added an emoji of a piping hot cup of coffee with three stars on it. Well, this proves that Zev Siegl is indeed a fan of Vidyarthi Bhavan’s filter coffee.

Picture Credits: @VidyarthiBhavan/ Twitter

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We Hope A Chai Tea Like Blunder Doesn’t Happen To Filter Kaapi!

Now, this can be bitter-sweet news for filter coffee lovers. Sweet — because the Starbucks co-founder himself approved Bangalore’s favourite filter coffee paradise. Bitter— because what if he adds it to the Starbucks menu and makes a chai tea blunder out of it? Come on, the Chai Tea Latte in Starbucks is nothing to be proud of as a desi chai lover. It’s often touted to be a milky, flavourless, anglicised version of every desi’s beloved tea.

Picture Credits: Media Library

So, we hope Starbucks doesn’t add Filter Kaapi Coffee to the menu or worse Filter Kaapi Latte or Frappuccino, which would be an utter nightmare for filter kaapi lovers. Meanwhile, is Bangalore’s Vidyarthi Bhavan on your wishlist for filter coffee and masala dosa? Let us know in the comments section below.

News Source: The Indian Express

Cover Image Courtesy: @VidyarthiBhavan/ Twitter