Not Coffee Or Tea, Sanjay Mishra Drinks This Juice Every Morning | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Not Coffee Or Tea, Sanjay Mishra Drinks This Juice Every Morning | Curly Tales

The recent episode of Curly Tales: Tere Gully Mein was a little different than usual. Our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani bumped into Bollywood’s one of the most loved actors, Sanjay Mishra, while she was out for a jog. Kamiya then asked Sanjay to take her for breakfast in his gully, and the actor agreed. They went to a dhaba, relished some lip-smacking food, and engaged in a fun conversation as well. But before heading to the dhaba, this is where they went.

Sanjay Mishra Morning Juice Routine

We have all heard about different juices that should be consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach for immunity, weight loss, etc. But a majority of us generally start our days with tea or coffee. Well, with actor Sanjay Mishra, that is not the case. He begins his day with a very healthy and nutritious juice.

Sanjay was on his way to the vegetable market when Kamiya bumped into him. So, Kamiya accompanied him to the market. They picked tomatoes and raw turmeric from there. Just then, Sanjay spotted some huge white pumpkins. He then shared his morning ritual of drinking a glass of white pumpkin juice with us. He also recommended Kamiya try it someday.

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Benefits Of White Pumpkin Juice

White pumpkin is a nutrient-rich juice that has many benefits for both your physical and mental health. One glass of this juice offers your body various much-needed minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C.
1.Boosts immunity
2. Improves eye health
3. Works as an antidepressant
4. Aids weight loss
5. Prevents acne

Sanjay Mishra is the desi person he also shared another helpful tip with us. He explained to us the benefits of consuming raw turmeric. He cut the turmeric into pieces in the dhaba’s kitchen and asked Kamiya to try it.

This episode of Sanjay Mishra was full of fun, laughter, life lessons, and health tips. His wife joined us for some delicious food and endless fun conversations, which was the icing on the cake. For more, watch the latest episode of Curly Tales: Tere Gully Mein now!


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Do watch the episode and let us know your views.

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