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by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Imagine you are on a morning walk or jog and you bump into a celebrity! Well, that is exactly what happened with our Editor-in-chief, Kamiya Jani, one morning. The recent episode of Curly Tales: Tere Gully Mein featured one of the most loved and respected Bollywood actors, Sanjay Mishra. Kamiya and Sanjay indulged in an endless conversation over some lip-smacking food. Sanjay Mishra shared his life lessons and food preferences with us in this episode. Here is a sneak peek for you!

Sanjay Mishra’s Favourite Dhaba In Lokhandwala

Kamiya asked Sanjay to take her to his favourite restaurant so that they could have breakfast together. He immediately took Kamiya and our team to Guru Da Dhaba in Mumbai’s Lokhandwala. He visited the place after many years and spoke about how he used to have a thali for only 7. He then went straight to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast.

He prepared the traditional dish that is mostly eaten in Bihar, known as Pittha. He placed a spoonful of overnight-soaked chana dal mixture, which he spread over a small piece of flatbread. He then sealed it just like we do with karanjis or momos. Even Kamiya helped him make it. He then steamed them, and there you have it! Bihari Pittha was ready to be served.

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Benefits Of Turmeric

Sanjay Mishra, being the desi person he is, also shared a tip with us. While making Pittha in the kitchen, he introduced Kamiya to turmeric. No, not the powdered one that we use while cooking every day. It’s the actual turmeric, which looks like ginger. He cut some pieces of it and offered Kamiya a taste.

He spoke about how eating turmeric is good for your skin, eyes, and immunity. He suggested squeezing some lime over the pieces of turmeric in a bowl and setting it aside. Whenever you get time, like while watching television or while aimlessly looking out of the window in the morning, you can simply eat one or two pieces.

Sanjay Mishra shared many instances from his struggling days and also told us about his food and travel preferences. If you are curious to know more, go and watch the latest episode of Curly Tales: Tere Gully Mein with Sanjay Mishra.


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Go and watch the latest episode of Tere Gully Mein and let us know your views on it!

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