You Can Now Hire A Boyfriend If You Are Sad In Bengaluru

by Shreya Ghosh
You Can Now Hire A Boyfriend If You Are Sad In Bengaluru

There are many reasons behind claiming Bengaluru to be one of the biggest Indian cities for start-ups. Bengaluru people do not leave any stores unturned to launch something new and innovative to bring a revolution. They are great at noticing the gap in the market and nothing probably is more in demand right now than getting someone by the side at the end of the day. Bengaluru tech peeps took this responsibility on their shoulders to fix this and launched a page to hire a boyfriend. Yes, you read that right. To get rid of your loneliness and need someone to talk to when you are stressed, you can get a boyfriend.

Feeling Sad? ToYBoY Is There To Help You

‘ToyBoy’ is the talk of the town right now and there are so many reasons why everyone is continuously discussing about this new start-up. The company created an Instagram account on 8 August 2022 and the netizens did not take much time to notice it and start commenting on it. The first upload on this account grabbed all the attention, especially GenZ’s. The post read, ‘This is the most trusted portal in Bangalore where we rent boyfriends.’ In their posts, pictures, and captions, they specifically mentioned that ToYBoY’s services are for the times when one needs to talk with someone, during the time when one feels lonely, stressed, or depressed.

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Hire A Boyfriend To Solve Your Problems!

ToYBoY is that friend that solves all your relationship problems. The only difference is someone unknown will help you, and not your long-known friend. You can now hire a boyfriend when you have an unhealthy relationship with your ex and now you cannot move on with it. The posts on this page say how one needs a person to ‘Know your worth and stop giving people discounts’.

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ToYBoY explains how your partner sometimes cannot create meaning to your life, heal you, always agree with you, and be everything you need all the time. In fact, he may not read your mind or protect you from challenges. Getting the perfect boyfriend with all that you want is not really possible in real life. But someone who listens to you during hard times is very important. And if you do not have someone to be by your side, you can get a boyfriend from ToYBoY.