A Multi-Dollar Smart City Is Coming Up On The Bengaluru Airport Premises By 2025

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
A Multi-Dollar Smart City Is Coming Up On The Bengaluru Airport Premises By 2025

On 463 acres of land on the grounds of the Kempegowda International Airport, a multi-billion dollar Smart City is planned. Construction was delayed by the pandemic, but now it’s moving forward and the first phase will be accessible to the public in 2025. Business parks and technological clusters will be at its core. Officials want this location to serve as a magnet for foreign capital and skills. 

Futuristic Bengaluru Airport City

Chief Executive Officer, Bengaluru Airport City Ltd. Rao Munukutla said that there will be a central park, a SATS Central Kitchen, a performance venue, and a hotel with 775 rooms called the Ginger/Vivanta. He also said that they aim to build the majority of Airport City within the next 15 to 20 years, with new assets becoming operational every two years. The building of the futuristic Bengaluru Airport City was delayed by the pandemic, but it has since gathered up steam, with the first phase scheduled to open in 2025. These have been created as best-in-class business destinations, fostering an innovative environment that attracts people and serves as the preferred site for future employers, investors, and businesses.

Pic Credits: The news minute

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SATs Central Kitchen And Technology Clusters

They will have a seamless connection to the upcoming RDE Village, which was created by Singapore‘s DP Architects. Every day, 1.7 lakh ready-to-eat meals will be prepared in the SATS (Singapore Airport Terminal Services Ltd) Central Kitchen. It is planned to create advanced technological clusters in the fields of advanced electronics manufacturing, robotics and artificial intelligence, space technology, 3D printing, quantum computing, chip design, digital content, online gaming, online education, and agricultural technology. The Greenway will provide access to the Metro and several locations in Airport City. Visitors and employees will be able to roam around the area freely. Additionally, hyperloop connectivity may exist.

Pic credits: Indian Express

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