You Cannot Have Raw Egg Mayonnaise From Now In Eateries & Restaurants In Kerala

by Shreya Ghosh
You Cannot Have Raw Egg Mayonnaise From Now In Eateries & Restaurants In Kerala

There have been so many food poisoning cases and even deaths in the past few weeks in the state of Kerala. Very recently, a 20-year-old girl lost her life because of food poisoning. And in the wake of such recent cases, Kerala Bakers Association (BAKE) took the decision to put a ban on using non-veg mayonnaise prepared with raw eggs in the state’s eateries and restaurants. Raw egg mayonnaise will not be a part of a side dish served in any eateries here.

Food Poisoning Deaths Led To Banning Of Raw Egg Mayonnaise In Kerala

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A meeting was conducted on Wednesday chaired by Veena George, the Health Minister. Also, the health department principal secretary, food safety commissioner, and association representatives of Kerala’s bakeries, caterers, hotels, restaurants, and vendors were present at the meeting. The final decision announced is that eateries will serve mayonnaise prepared with pasteurised eggs and vegetable mayonnaise only instead of raw egg mayo.

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No bakeries make raw egg mayonnaise, hence bakeries cannot understand the quality of eggs used in manufacturing it. Also, eggs without proper hygiene can contain bacteria that will harm the consumers. This is a major reason taken to put a ban on this non-veg product.

The Meeting Also Led To Some Rules & Regulations Too

Veena George directed some regulations to follow when it comes to food items and eateries.

  • A sticker with an expiry date needs to be stuck on the food packets during sending for deliveries and parcels.
  • Each and every food establishments need to get the registration.
  • They need to follow the hygiene rating of the Food Safety department.
  • The eateries also must show the toll-free number of the Food Safety department.
  • Employees of all the food establishments in the state need to have fitness certificates.

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In between so many rising cases of food poisoning, Kerala is attempting to focus on all the things to avoid any such misfortunate incidents once again in the future. Focusing on cleanliness is now the most important thing to follow in all food establishments, which many did not take care of properly before.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons