You Will Now Have To Pay More For Your Mother Dairy And Amul Milk Packets

by Shreya Ghosh
You Will Now Have To Pay More For Your Mother Dairy And Amul Milk Packets

Milk is something that every household needs every day. And most people rely on milk packets to make their daily tea and coffee, milk for young children, and use it while cooking. And now you will need to pay more to purchase this essential item every single day. Dairy companies such as Amul and Mother Dairy have raised the price by 2 per litre. The hike in the prices is effective in Indian cities from 17 August 2022, Wednesday.

Pay More To Buy Your Mother Dairy And Amul Milk Packets

This is the second time in the year 2022 that the milk suppliers raised the rates of their products. The companies decided to hike the prices as they experienced a rise in their input costs and other procurement factors as well.

A Mother Dairy official said that the dairy company is seeing a hike in its overall budget for the operation and production of milk. They saw this rise in the last 5 months. From the cost of feeding the cattle to increasing the farmers’ prices, the overall input costs are increasing, and hence the company decided to increase the price by ₹2 per litre.

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Pic Credits: ABPNews

The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation sells milk and dairy products under the name of the Amul brand. They too increased their prices. Amul has also hiked the price of its milk packets and the raise is effective in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Saurashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, and every shop that sells Amul milk packets.

Amul stated in a statement that this increase of 2 per litre is a hike of 4% in MRP. It is even lesser than the present average food inflation.

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What Are The New Prices?


  • 500 ml of Amul Taaza cost 25.
  • A packet of 500 ml of Amul Gold costs 31.
  • 500ml Amul Shakti cost 28.

Mother Dairy

  • 1 litre of full cream milk costs 61. It was 59 per litre.
  • A litre of toned milk costs 51.
  • You need to pay 45 for a litre of double-toned milk.
  • A litre of cow milk cost 53.
  • Lastly, token milk costs 48 per litre. Previously, it was 46.