Indians Travelling By Lufthansa Must Travel Light Or Pay More!

by Sanmita A
Indians Travelling By Lufthansa Must Travel Light Or Pay More!

The fuel prices are surely weighing down people’s plans to travel. And now, Lufthansa Airlines has announced that travellers who do not travel light in their flight from India to North America will have to shell out extra money. Quite a bummer for the economy class travellers in Lufthansa Airlines. People who booked their tickets in the economy class in Lufthansa from Monday (August 1) onwards can carry only one check-in bag of 23 kg. The weight is half of two bags. If you have booked your tickets before July 31st, you can totally heave a sigh, as no EXTRA charges will be taken from you!

Lufthansa Airlines New Tariff

As per the airlines, if travellers check in a second bag online, they will be charged 200 Euros. However, they will have to shell out 250 Euros, if the bags are check-in at the airport counters. However, the baggage policies for the other compartments remain the same. This change has been brought only to the economy passengers. The airlines have also clarified that there will be no extra charges for people who have booked flights before Aug 1, 2022.

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Why Are All Carriers Making Such Drastic Changes?

Unfortunately, it is not only the German Airline, Lufthansa, but also other carriers which are forcing their passengers to travel light. This comes in the light of the high price rise in fuel and how the aviation sector and consumer is bearing the brunt. Due to the skyrocketing prices of oil, carriers have resolved to charge consumers on cargo and baggage. Sadly, the carriers are subtly forcing their passengers to travel light or shell out extra for carrying a little extra weight. As per news and expert reports, ‘Almost all international airlines’ lowest fares are now non-refundable in both economy and business.’

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