You Will Soon Be Able To Stay In A Flying Hotel That Never Lands

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Many of you must have enjoyed staycations on land with your families or friends. Some of you must have also experienced staycations on cruises. But have you ever imagined a holiday in a flying hotel? A Sky Cruise? Well then welcome to the future. The Sky Cruise is a flying hotel cruising in the clouds and that too without any pilots. 

Concept Of Hotel And Air Cruiser Merged

Hashem Al-Ghali presented a detailed CGI movie outlining all the features and parts of this air hotel, which is based on a design concept by Tony Holmsten and reinvented and animated by Hashem Al-Ghali. The giant Sky Cruise is capable of accommodating about 5000 guests and has the grandest amenities one could imagine. A 360-degree viewing hall, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, movie theatres, swimming pools, playground for kids, wedding hall and viewing domes. They will also have world-class health facilities to take care of your health. An external elevator will connect the floors of entertainment offering you some surreal views. You can also conduct business meetings and events here on the Sky Cruise

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Powered By 20 Nuclear Engines


When asked about the pilots, Hashem Al-Ghali said that he believes the Sky Cruise will be totally autonomous. It will surely have a large number of staff on the cruise essential for running the amenities and serving the guests on board. About 20 Nuclear engines working on nuclear fusion will be powering the Sky Cruise. This will result in energy 24/7 and the cruise will not have to land and will also not have any huge carbon footprint

Pic Credits: News Leaflets

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