Your Thailand Trip Might Get More Expensive Than Before And Here’s Why

by Shreya Ghosh

Thailand is always the go-to international destination to explore the tropical islands. And the number of tourists landing in this country boomed after the Covid-19 pandemic. From January to June 2022, Thailand witnessed over 2 million international tourists travelling here. This country is beautiful with its natural magic, beaches, islands, adventurous activities, diverse travellers, and so much more. Another reason for Thailand becoming a favourite is because of the cost of travelling here. The travel and tourism industry is an integral part of this Asian country.

Your Thailand Trip Might Get Expensive Than Before

The recent news state that a trip to Thailand might get costlier than before. During the pre-pandemic times, this country witnessed almost 40 million foreign tourists in 2019. As Covid-19 struck the world and everything came to a halt, the numbers of foreign travellers fell down hard. The entire world was restricted from stepping outside and going anywhere. And the drop in tourism was bound to happen during the pandemic. As things started opening slowly, the tourism industry did not find that boost so soon. It took a lot of time for the travellers to fly overseas as everyone had the fear of this deadly virus.

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After some time, the number of visitors went down to 6.7 million, and unfortunately, it dropped again in 2021. From 6.7 million, it decreased to almost 428k in 2021. Though Thailand took steps to lower the restrictions and created a proper environment for people to explore properly, the numbers were still less. But the scenario changed in 2022. The visitors went to almost 2 million within the first half of 2022 and the estimation for overseas travellers in 2023 is around 10 million.

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Here’s Why Your Trip Might Cost You More

We often categorise Thailand to be a cheap foreign destination and the ministers do not want people to have such a perspective of their country. They want to build Thailand as a premium foreign destination. They want to bring a luxury approach to Thailand’s tourism industry. The trip is going to be expensive as the country is planning to sell services at premium prices. There are chances that discounts and deals like before will not be a part anymore.