You’ve Got Mail Via Drone! Abu Dhabi To Soon Use Drones To Deliver Parcels & Even Food

by Deeplata Garde
You’ve Got Mail Via Drone! Abu Dhabi To Soon Use Drones To Deliver Parcels & Even Food

The most expensive part of the logistics of distribution is the delivery of packages. Every day, a large number of clients dispersed geographically obtain their delivery by a number of vehicles. Drones are now a reliable substitute for traditional delivery methods. So it’s time to say bye to Talabat, Zomato and others as you can order your food or anything in general. A Drone will be there for your delivery rescue in Abu Dhabi.

Who Is Launching Drone Delivery In Abu Dhabi?

Emirates Post Group, the UAE’s official mail service, Maqta Gateway, the digital division of AD Ports Group, and SkyGo are all companies that offer aerial logistics.

The above-mentioned trio intends to test aerial delivery drones. The goal is to offer an environment and user-friendly service that can quickly transport essentials. The list of items can include medical supplies, fresh meals, and important documents while offering real-time tracking.

The programme will start with short-range trips before moving on to long-range tests. This will provide a basic idea of how to gauge demand and comprehend the broader advantages.

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When Will This Project Commence For Users?

Pic Creds: Media Library

The trial program’s specifics will be made public by the end of 2022. The companies plan to announce the complete commercial service which will debut the following year, subject to permission.

SkyGo will offer drone solutions, and Margo Hub (a digital marketplace) will facilitate online transactions between clients and Emirates Post. As a more environment-friendly alternative to employing delivery trucks that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a drone delivery service might be revolutionary for the UAE. The usage of drone delivery services, however, may put delivery employment in danger.

So get ready for your essential delivery items getting airdropped in real!

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