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Zeina Khoury
by Deeplata Garde

We all loved the sass Zeina reflected in the Netflix reality show, Dubai Bling and left us wanting more. But this level of confidence is achieved when someone reaches the pinnacle of success like The Queen Of Versace has! Our Editor in Chief Kamiya Jani Verma met Zeina Khoury at Palazzo Versace Dubai for a Sunday Brunch. The conversation has given us some real insights into the real estate gem’s life and how Dubai Bling has been for her so far.

Zeina Knew Safa Siddiqui From The Days When They Worked In The Same Industry

Before dedicating her life to her family and fashion, Safa Siddiqui started her career in Dubai with Real estate. When she shifted from London to the Emirates her first job was about working in a real estate company. And that’s when the stars aligned and she met Zeina Khoury. They both were in their early struggle days when they met and look at them now! The Queens have risen to fame and success through thick and thin.

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Zeina Khoury Convinced Safa To Audition For Dubai Bling

Kamiya informed Zeina of how her bond with Safa has been voted admirable by the audience. Zeina shared that she has known Safa Siddiqui for around 7 years or more. Safa’s cousin is a close friend of Zeina Khoury as stated by her to Kamiya Jani. So when the Dubai Bling people asked Zeina to suggest people who would suit the plot of the show, the first name she thought was Safa. According to Zeina, Safa is the blingy person she knows and thought she would be perfect to feature alongside.

Safa Siddiqui and Zeina Khoury have been observed to have each other’s back in the show and hence their friendship has been symbolised pristine by the viewers. Want more insights into the Queen of Versace’s life? Well, what’s stopping you from watching the Sunday Brunch video of Zeina Khoury?

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