Netflix Dubai Bling Star Zeina Khoury Reveals Why She Is Called ‘The Queen Of Versace’| Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Netflix Dubai Bling Star Zeina Khoury Reveals Why She Is Called ‘The Queen Of Versace’| Curly Tales

If you have watched the famous Netflix series Dubai Bling, I am sure you know who the “Queen of Versace” is! On this episode of Curly Tales Middle East Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief was in the glamorous city of Dubai, where she met the bold beauty Zeina Khoury for a lip-smacking brunch. The two had endless fun conversations over some lip-smacking food, and we have a snippet for you!

Dubai Bling Star Zeina Khoury On Being Called “The Queen Of Versace”

What place would be better than Palazzo Versace Dubai to meet “The Queen of Versace” herself? Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, was curious and asked Zeina Khoury, the reason behind being called this. Zeina Khoury explained that she came to Dubai in 2006 from Lebanon. She left that place because of constant political unrest. When she came here, they had just started developing Palazzo Versace Dubai.

She joined the team that was working on this development, like sales, marketing, etcetera. It has been 15-16 years and thats how she became Zeina of Versace, and then everybody began saying, “Oh, you are Versace.” and she also loves the brand very much. She said that it just came to her. 

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Sharing Her Experience And Giving Advice

Zeina Khoury discussed her experiences living in the city for such a long time as well as some advice for visitors. She advised against comparing oneself to those around them because they are unaware of their own circumstances. Zeina is of the opinion that one should put their money into nice-to-haves rather than necessities later in life rather than right away. She spoke about the need to invest in education and keep one’s priorities straight. 

Our Editors-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, and Zeina Khoury, two amazing women, who looked stunning, had a wonderful brunch at Palazzo Versace Dubai. The two shared an amazing conversation, and we got to know Zeina way more than we did in Dubai Bling. If you too want to know more, go watch the episode now!

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