Safa Siddiqui Spilled Some Beans About The Dubai Bling Cast To Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

by Deeplata Garde
Safa Siddiqui Spilled Some Beans About The Dubai Bling Cast To Kamiya Jani | Curly Tales

The Netflix Reality show, Dubai Bling is stuck in our minds even after it concluded. The star cast has bought us to believe the event wasn’t scripted. So instead of relying on the show we thought of meeting one of the stars from the cast to ensure this and more. We were flabbergasted by the level of charm that reflected from none other than Safa Siddiqui, the fashionista from Dubai Bling. In conversation with our Editor In Chief, Kamiya Jani, Safa spilled some beans about the other cast and how was her experience during the Sunday Brunch in Dubai.

“I Don’t Wanna Sit & Bad Mouth Anybody” Safa Siddiqui On Fave & Fake Game

While the yacht cruised around in the breezy atmosphere Kamiya interested Safa to play a game with her. The title of the game was Fave or Fake. Safa Siddiqui had to tell us what she thinks about the Dubai Bling cast and how will she categorizes them. When we started with names she went on to put Zeina in her fave category which wasn’t very surprising to us. Well ofcourse as she mentioned she knew Zeina since the day she worked in the Real Estate Industry. Later when asked about other people like Danya she replied with “No Comment”.

The game continued and she explained who was her fav. Whereas instead of calling out somebody fake she politely denied commenting when their names popped up. She was to the point that she is busy in her life to sit and comment about people and their behaviour. Safa Siddiqui was quite stringent about never badmouthing anybody no matter if they slander her.

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The News Of Danya Not Being Safa Siddiqui’s Family Friend Left Us & Kamiya Jani Asking For Deets!

Safa Siddiqui
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In one of the episodes, you can see Danya Mohammed a.k.a Diva Dee claiming to be Safa’s family friend. But according to Safa this news have no evidence to support and she met her on the sets for the first time. We smell gossip here! But Safa cleared the air by saying she only knew Zeina before entering the show.

Want to know more about Safa Siddiqui’s ups & downs with the other cast? Well, we guess you will have to see the Sunday Brunch with Safa Siddiqui and Kamiya Jani to know more.

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