Living The Luxe Life! We Were Stunned By These Uber-Luxurious Experiences In 2022

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Living The Luxe Life! We Were Stunned By These Uber-Luxurious Experiences In 2022

The Curly Tales media platform specialises in content related to food, travel, adventures, and lifestyle. We have tried and tested many of the top experiences, locations, recommendations, and cuisines throughout the year and have presented them to you. Be it Tere Gully Mein, Solo Female Traveller, I Love My India, WanderLuxe or any other series, from uber-luxurious experiences to solo travel, our only aim was to inspire you to travel and explore. 

Of our most known and loved IPs is WanderLuxe. On WanderLuxe our Curly Tales senior anchor Bianca Saurastri explores the luxe life and brings it to you. With uber-luxurious experiences like the most expensive suite to the most expensive birthday celebration, we presented it all to you. It’s December, so we decided to bring you the most uber-luxurious experiences of 2022. 

WanderLuxe: Uber-Luxurious Experiences In 2022

1. ₹12.4 Lakh Palacial Train Ride

One of the top five most luxurious trains in the world is The Royal Palace on Wheels. The super-deluxe cabin, where Bianca, our anchor, resided, costs ₹12.4 lakhs for a seven-night trip across Rajasthan, all-inclusive.

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2. ₹5.7 Lakh Suite At A 300-Year Old Palace

Our editor-in-chief, Kamiya Jani, stayed at one of the most expensive suites in India in Jaipur’s 300-year-old palace. The Guldiya Suite in Jaipur‘s City of Palaces costs a whopping ₹5.7 lakhs per night, and it is here that she experienced royalty like no other. 

3. India’s First Fly-In Luxury Resort

Our anchor Sarah Gadhvi visited India’s first fly-in luxury resort, The Aero Village, in a private aircraft. She experienced their offerings like joy rides, night safaris, golf, and nature trails. The village is a place where luxury meets nature in all its glory at ₹10,000.

4. Mumbai’s ₹1.5 Lakh Candle Light Dinner

Candle Lit dinners are always special and give all the luxurious feels. Well, our host went on this uber-luxurious experience where she enjoyed a romantic candle lit seven course dinner at the prestigious Taj mahal Palace in Mumbai for ₹1.5 Lakh.. 

5. ₹10 lakh Birthday Celebration

This episode of WanderLuxe showed you what a lavish birthday celebration might entail. when our anchor was in Udaipur celebrating her birthday. She stayed in a plush presidential suite in India’s only Raffles hotel in Udaipur, and the entire birthday experience cost 10 lakh.

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6. Luxurious ₹10 Lakh Maharaja Suite

Curly Tales Luxury anchor Bianca stayed at the Maharaja Suite of the prestigious and luxurious Leela Palace in Udaipur. The royal Maharaja suite costs 10 lakh and boasts of royalty and luxury like no other place, with over-the-top services.

7. ₹30 Lakh Suite, Most Expensive In Asia

In this episode of WanderLuxe, we went a level up as our anchor stayed at a 4-floor, uber-luxurious suite in Jaipur. This suite at the Raj Palace in Jaipur is Asia’s most expensive and royal one. The cost of this suite is 30 lakh per night.

8. ₹5 Lakh Wellness Near Mumbai

How about clubbing wellness with luxury? Our luxury anchor, Bianca, checked in at Dharna in Shillim for two nights of luxury and wellness. This wellness experience costs 5 lakh and made our anchor forget all her stress as she soaked in the tranquillity of uber-luxurious experiences here.

9. ₹40 Lakh Train Suite

A presidential suite on a train? Yes, you read that right! Our anchor had a 7-night ride on The Maharajas’ Express, India’s most expensive and top-ranked luxury train, which costs 40 lakh for a couple. We are smitten by the stunning features, which include luxury dining and a variety of services. 

10. Expensive ₹2.3 Lakhs Cruise Suite

For 2.3 lakhs for 2 nights on Cordelia Cruises, our anchor stayed in the most expensive cruise suite in all of India. The Chairman cruise is like a city in the sea where you can travel like an Empress and experience an uber-luxurious lifestyle.

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