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Malaysian Cuisine in Mumbai

When it comes to the Pan Asian food, Chinese and Japanese food have surely made inroads into convincing the Indian taste buds. However, Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines are yet to find their feet in a country that already offers varied cuisines. The good news is that Trident in Mumbai is hosting a Malaysian Food Festival till the 16th of October and here’s why you should drop by:

Traditional malay flat bread with vegetable dhall and onion sambal
Traditional malay flat bread with vegetable dhall and onion sambal

1. Try a Foreign Cuisine

Aren’t you bored of trying out the same old butter chicken, chicken chilly or cheese burst pizzas? I say, it would be pretty cool to tell friends and colleagues about your epicurean Malaysian journey that you had over the weekend. Try it for a change.

Grilled chicken with mild spicy turmeric coconut sauce
Grilled chicken with mild spicy turmeric coconut sauce

2. As Authentic as it gets

Chef Saidin has come all the way from Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, to Mumbai. This is your opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the authentic Malaysian flavours.

The Chef has got 40 kgs of local ingredients from Malaysia. Yes, he admits that most of his baggage allowance was taken up by the ingredients. We don’t mind, do we?

Malaysian Chef from Mandarin Oriental

3. Resemblance to Indian Cuisine

There are many similarities between Indian and Malaysian food. Lempeng Kelapa, which is a coconut flat bread, to be eaten with Dhall Sayuran is a cooler version of roti-sabzi.

Another interesting bit, Malaysians have their mains with rice along with colourful grains. There are a distinct yet a familiarity quotient thanks to the use of spices, coconut, chillies and coriander.

We particularly enjoyed the Ayam Masak Merah, which is chicken in fresh tomato and bird eye chilli and Gulai Asam Pedas Ikan Salmon, Malay style fillet of Indian Salmon, chilli tamarind sauce. It has got a nice sweet and sour taste.

Spice egg rice with local style baked chicken and lamb rendang
Spice egg rice with local style baked chicken and lamb rendang

4. It’s at India Jones

Dining at India Jones, the multi-cuisine restaurant at The Trident in Mumbai, is like a culinary journey through different countries. Dedicated to the passion for travel and the love for fine cuisine, India Jones serves authentic recipes from Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

Amongst its many accolades, the restaurant has been included in the prestigious Miele Guide 2013 – Asia’s first authoritative and independent guide to the region’s finest restaurants. A Teppanyaki meal here is a culinary delight and a regaling performance that you are sure to enjoy.

Do you need more reasons? Go try it and tell us how it was!

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