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The legendary Mumbai to Ahmedabad bullet train is expected to work by 2022 and the approximate ticket cost will be ₹250 to ₹3000. 

What Is It?

The fares for the Mumbai to Ahmedabad bullet train is out for the public. For the economy class, passengers will have to pay from ₹250 to ₹3000 depending on the destination they are choosing. If you’re going all the way, you’ll have to pay ₹3000, but for a mere trip from BKC to Thane, the fare will be ₹250. 

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What Do We Know?

The basic aim of the bullet train is to make travel easier and faster than a regular train and more affordable than a flight ticket. Although, business class tickets will be priced higher, there will be only one business class coach for 9 economy coaches (10 total coaches). 

The construction for this will be starting by December 2018 and the train will cover a 530 km stretch in only 2 hours, whereas the trains running now take nearly 7 hours. It will run at a speed of 320 km per hour. 

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