You may have started thinking that it’s summer and time to bring out your one and only favourite drink–the lager–into the chill picture, but if we were to have a quiz on beer, would you be game? Of course, you would.

Then name a few Indian beers that you not only know the names of, but have also tasted. Kingfisher, aside.

Okay, it is a legit question because our country has some really crazy stuff to offer and it’s time to savour these well along with your Hoegaarden and Tuborg.

Here we go:

1. Bira 91

Image Courtesy: Hicask

There’s White, then there’s Blonde. The taste, oh the taste.

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2. Haywards 5000

This homie has an 8% alcohol content. Not bad, isn’t it?

3. Taj Mahal

One of the beers that get exported to countries like the United KingdomWaah Taj!

4. White Rhino

Image Courtesy: hungryforever

Indeed light, hazy and refreshing–this craft beer.

5. King’s

Some of the best memories in Goa are made with this stud by your side. And he’s far from burning a hole in your pocket, at 40 bucks per bottle.

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6. Godfather

How about a re-run of the Don Corleone series with this Don in hand?

7. Cobra

Probably, just one would be enough to get you to do that naagin dance.

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8. Flying Horse

Quite an interesting name for a lager, don’t you think?

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9. Maharaja

The King of the lot.

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10. Knock Out

He’s a strong boy. Try him, we say.


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