9 Unconventional Gift Ideas for Your Travel Crazy Friend | Curly Tales

1. Go Pro, Rs. 18,000

Gift a chance to capture stunning video quality pictures and time-lapse videos. It is also sturdy and waterproof with external memory capacity up to 32 GB.

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

 2. Travel Cord Roll, Rs. 1,460

If THAT friend with OCD came to your mind the minute you saw this ingenious cord organizer, congratulations, you have found a match!

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

3. Pet Travel Tote, Rs. 11,689

Gift a travel experience to your pet who means nothing less than family to you! Carry him in this uber cool tote. He will love it!

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

4. Travel Mini Bar, Rs. 21,914

Perfect for that guy who always wants a drink anywhere, anytime.

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

5. Portable Camp Grill and Charger, Rs. 14,608

Cook, boil or charge your smartphone on the go. Ideal for that friend who loves to go camping.

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

6. Smartphone Instant Lab, Rs 1,753 – Rs. 12,347

Who doesn’t love instant photos?! This cute portable photo printer is a great gift for your photography enthusiast friend.

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

7. Colour Wheel Stick Umbrella, Rs. 3,653

Is it a stick? Is it an umbrella? No, it’s both! Also, such pretty colours… tailor-made for the trek fanatic friend.

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

8. Scratch Off Map, Rs. 2,338

For that friend who just got bitten with a serious case of wanderlust!

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

9. Quechua Trekking Bag, Rs. 1,399

A simple lightweight backpack very useful for short all-day hikes.

Unconventional Travel Gift Ideas

So, are you going to ditch your friend and instead buy something for yourself? Totally, makes sense. What do you like though?

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