1 Bun Butter Jam For ₹115 On Swiggy VS ₹45 Offline; User Complains About Higher Prices On Swiggy

X user pointed out the major differences in prices charged on Swiggy and offline stores.

by Shreya Ghosh
1 Bun Butter Jam For ₹115 On Swiggy VS ₹45 Offline; User Complains About Higher Prices On Swiggy

Raise your hands if you are dependent on online delivery platforms for purchasing anything and everything. From dresses to shoes, groceries, medicines, and probably every other product can be easily ordered just by tapping some basic information on our mobile screens. Have you ever wondered if shopping online costs more or cheaper than stores? Well, a Swiggy user recently complained about higher prices and compared the costs.

X User Compared Higher Prices On Swiggy With An Offline Store

Priyanka Thirumurthy (@priyankathiru) took to the X platform to share her opinions on the expensive prices charged on this food delivery platform.

Priyanka Thirumurthy shared pictures of two bills; each from the Swiggy platform and an offline store. The bills contain all the prices and clearly show the drastic differences between online and offline shopping experiences. The first photo is a bill of Coffee Shastra located in Chennai’s KC Enclave. The bill shows the purchase list of

  • 3 Bun Butter Jams costing ₹45 each, making it a total of ₹135
  • 1 Bun Butter costing ₹52.38
  • 1 Extra Butter priced at ₹20
  • 2 orders of Honey charged at ₹10 each, costing ₹20
  • 2 orders for Green Chai Large at ₹95.72

The grand total was ₹320 including CGST and SGST.

On the other hand, the Swiggy orders were of higher prices. 4 pieces of Bum Butter Jams were priced at ₹460 and 3 Cups of Sulaimani Chai were for ₹210. The bill total of Swiggy was a lot more in comparison to the offline store. Though we do not need to physically visit places to purchase products and can enjoy seamless experiences of getting everything delivered, a huge margin in between the bills grabbed many people’s attention. X user Priyanka Thirumurthy called it “The cost of convenience.”

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What Do Netizens Think?

X users have shared their responses seeing the difference between the Swiggy and offline total bills. While no one denies the significant dissimilarities in costs and higher prices on Swiggy, many are in support of spending more as they can get all the products quite easily without the need to go outside. Also, every delivery includes a fuel charge and the fee of the delivery boy. However, there are a few people who are not satisfied seeing the expensive prices.

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What is your opinion on this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, X/ Priyanka Thirumurthy (@priyankathiru)

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