10 Lassi Recipes That Will Get You Drooling

by Vinita Jain
10 Lassi Recipes That Will Get You Drooling

Lassi is a traditional Indian coolant made from yogurt, spices, and fruit purees. It contains calcium and minerals that boost the immune system, aid digestion, and improve bone health. When it comes to weight loss, lassi works by nourishing the body with calcium, protein, healthy fats, and water. A glass of nutrient-rich lassi has to ability to burn around 50-80 calories. So, a coolant infused with so many benefits is a must-try.

Let’s take a break from this scorching heat this summer and make the authentic and delicious lassi at home. Check out the recipes for Lassi mentioned below.

1. Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita herself shares 6 kinds of Lassi recipes. These lassis are the best to beat the hot summer. She teaches us to make Mango lassi, Kesar Pista lassi, Punjabi lassi, Rose lassi, Chocolate lassi, and Banana Lassi. Do try these quick and creamy Lassi recipes at home.

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2. Swadh Anhusar

Make authentic creamy and thick Panjabi style Lassi at home. Swadh Anhusar brings the yummiest recipe for Punjabi Lassi.

3. Kunal Kapur

With temperatures soaring in northern  India,  enjoy this sweet drink to feel refreshed. Looking for something to cheer you up on a hot summer day? Lassi is a great refreshment and easy to savor. Kunal Kapur brings the recipe for making Punjabi Mango Lassi.

4. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Well, flavors in lassi are fine, but the basic creamy and delicious lassi has its own fanbase. Top it with some pistas and rose petals.

5. CookingShooking Hindi

Check out another 6 types of Lassi recipes. They show the procedure of making paan, dab, chocolate, Kairi, Kesar Pista, and mango lassi. Do try these refreshing, nutty, fruity, sweet, and chocolaty coolants.

6. Piping Hot Curry

Mango Lassi has to be my favorite. Try this recipe once and you’ll also fall in love with Mango Lassi.

7. Get Curried

Chef Varun Inamdar brings the recipes for 5 types of Punjabi Lassis.

8. Hebbars Kitchen

Plain Lassi, Rose Lassi, Chocolate Lassi, and Dry Fruit Lassi, which is your favorite one. Hebbars Kitchen shares the recipes of all of them.

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