10 Legendary Bakeries In Kolkata That You Must Try

by Sanmita A
10 Legendary Bakeries In Kolkata That You Must Try

Kolkata is known for its sweets and desserts. The city is known for housing the oldest of bakeries, which have made their spaces in people’s hearts’. If you’re new in the city, and looking for delectable places to try and make your time worth it, our assorted list of bakeries will help you do so. In this post, we will take you through the Kolkata bakeries which serve the best of breads, desserts, pastries and dishes. Relax and scroll through this list to find the bakery which will suit your tastes’ best –

#1 Flury’s

Flury’s is one of the iconic bakeries in Kolkata which you must visit. Although there might be loads of cafes and bakeries around you, but Flury’s in Kolkata is a must do. Our team, recently visited the place and found some delightful breakfast options and most importantly, the aromatic Darjeeling tea. And, did we tell you that it is one of the Kolkata bakeries which dates back to 1927. Take a look at the one of these legendary bakeries in Kolkata that you’d be surely impressed with –


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#2 Nahoum And Sons

Nahoum and Sons is one of those bakeries in Kolkata which every folk from the city of joy mentions. It is said to be one of the Jewish bakeries and over time has established itself as one of the iconic and best bakeries in Kolkata. Nahoum and Sons has been into the dessert preparing business since times immemorial. And the city of Kolkata swears by its preparations. Well, do you need any other reason to find your way into this bakery?

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#3 Kookie Jar

Kolkata peeps are known for their love for sweets and some, don’t mind paying the price for desserts which are worth every penny. Well, Kookie Jar is one of those Kolkata bakeries which have their menu slightly on a higher side. But, one can visit the place to try their delicacies at least one. We promise you that the visit will be worth it. Every item from their bakery is heavenly and you must mark this destination for your next cafe visit. It was established in the year 1985, and has survived it all. You know now!

#4 JW Bakery

This is one of the Kolkata bakeries which will offer you sweet treats and desserts done skillfully by the well known chefs in their community. So, obviously, their items and offerings at the JW Bakery is a must try. Considering the brand and the chef, choosing to dine for desserts at this place can never go wrong. Their desserts are known for being freshly made and even customised. Do give this legendary bakery a try & let us know!


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#5 Saldanha Bakery

It is one of the Goan bakeries in Kolkata, soon going to turn a century old. After having survived for so long and especially the pandemic, it has come out all the more better in its services. They have the most wholesome offerings of breads and loaves, and their cakes are a must try. They have adapted and evolved to the new demands of the customers very successfully as time progressed. Well, this place is getting new additions on the menu too, & you should be up for it when in the city.


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#6 Le 15

We couldn’t leave behind this brand of bakery, by one and only Pooja Dhingra. Her line of desserts and cookies must be Kolkata – the city which loves its sweet treats. So, Le 15 has also become of the legendary bakeries in Kolkata that you must try. In fact, we say, that be it in any city, Le 15 is always a great idea. And, did we mention that Pooja Dhingra’s Le 15 was behind the making of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding cake. A true Ralia fan would definitely visit this patisserie –


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#7 Cocoa Bakery

A relatively new space, this is one of the Kolkata bakeries which is winning Kolkata’s heart for the right reasons. They have a super interesting menu and their range of desserts are to die for! Their pastries, croissants and breads are delicious and you must visit the space to enjoy the ambience too. A great place for a sweet, romantic date. We loved the vibe of Cocoa Bakery and we’re sure you will love this Kolkata bakery too.


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#8 8th Day Café and Bakery

The 8th Day Café and Bakery has outlets in different locations in Kolkata. So, you can totally imagine their popularity among the folks of Kolkata. They are a definite stand out among the Kolkata bakeries and we so believe, that you will love their range of offerings in the menu. Get ready to be impressed by the ambience and their signature dishes.


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#9 Mrs Magpie

You’ll be obsessed with this Kolkata bakery, and we can swear by it. Drop in there to enjoy their range of tasty macarons, cupcakes, and cakes. One of the best things about this Kolkata bakery is the fact that they are always festival ready. So, if you are looking for a space to satiate your dessert cravings, this could be the place.


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#10 The French Loaf

This place is one of the finest bakeries in Kolkata and is know for its exquisite offerings in sweet treats and desserts. They have a range of breads, croissants, pastries, cheesecakes and so much more. You will love the authentic flavours you will find in their range of desserts. After all, it has to justify its name.

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