10 Locations In India That Look Exactly Like The Ones Abroad

by Akriti Seth
10 Locations In India That Look Exactly Like The Ones Abroad

Why travel abroad when God has blessed India with all the iconic and scenic locations around the world right here! These places in India look exactly like places you spot in international travel magazines. Watch this one-minute video and see for yourself.

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India is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise. It is a home to various geographical features such as rivers, mountains, valleys, plateau, sea shores, desert and flat terrains. We have the Himalayas, Chota Nagpur Plateau, Deccan Plateau, Eastern Coast and Western Ghats, the Thar desert, the Sunderbans, Jungles and also the Seven Sisters.

Why go to China to see the Great Wall of China when Kumbhalgarh fort walls in Rajasthan are as pretty.

We have always seen Switzerland in Bollywood films for its green pastures and scenic beauty. Now how about visiting Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh and be blown away by its beauty?

Tell me you’re going to Arizona only to see Grand Canyon, then I’d take you to Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh.

Everything you can see abroad is right here in our country and we have a list of places are exact replicas of the places in abroad. Scroll up and watch it in our #InAMinute Video.

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