10 Protein-Rich Indian Breakfast Dishes To Make For A Healthy Start To The Day

Subha ho gayi mamu!

by Ankita Mazumdar
10 Protein-Rich Indian Breakfast Dishes To Make For A Healthy Start To The Day

You’ve snoozed your alarms, the weather is pleasant and your bed feels like a warm hug each morning. This feeling invites you to stay in bed some more which ultimately causes you to miss the period for your breakfast. Down the years, skipping breakfasts will catch up with you. And you wouldn’t want that to happen, so here are 10 quick and easy protein-rich Indian breakfast dishes you can make. 

10 Protein-Rich Indian Breakfast Dishes To Try

1. Masala Omelette

Eggs are one the most go-to dishes non-vegetarians have for breakfast, especially Indians. It is quick to make, keeps you full, and high in protein, you can have more than one egg and throw in a bunch of veggies and masalas. Indians love their spice so random ones also work great. Just chop up some veggies of your choice, whisk your eggs, and prepare a thick masala omelette.

2. Poha With Peanuts

Poha is a flattened rice dish that is made flavourful and high in protein with basic ingredients like peanuts, coriander and more. It becomes a savoury breakfast dish for Indians when you sprinkle some finely chopped tomatoes, carrots and onions along with some lemon juice. The lemon juice elevates this protein-rich Indian breakfast dish.

3. Methi Moong Dal Dhokla

You might have had normal dhoklas with fafda as brekkie. But if you are looking for a protein-rich Indian breakfast dish, make delish Methi Moong Dal Dhokla! You need green moong dal, green chillies and methi leaves into a paste and add it to besan, salt, sugar, and a little bit of oil. Then, steam away the mixture and your on-the-go brekkie is ready.

4. Besan Chilla

Remember those school days, when your tiffin would have besan chilla with a super spicy mint or coriander chutney? Time to go back to those nostalgic days! Besan chilla is a savoury breakfast option for Indians as it is best for an on-the-go option. If you want then add veggies, then do. It makes the chilla nutritious. 

5. Sprouts Salad

Do you enjoy salads but not the fancy ones? Then we got you with this protein-rich Indian breakfast dish – Sprouts Salad. Just a day before, soak green sprouts or a mixed set of sprouts so that they germinate. Chop up fresh veggies of your choice, and sprinkle black pepper, salt, and lemon juice with a small amount of scrambled fresh paneer. This is a proper meal!

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6. Kuttu Dosa

Kuttu is also known as buckwheat and is rich in high protein, iron and fibres. So you replace the rice with buckwheat and keep the urad dal. What is best about this Indian breakfast option is that you do not need to wait for it to ferment like the normal dosa batters. You can pair it with any chutney of your liking.

7. Thalipeeth

This Maharashtrian dish is another great option for a protein-rich Indian breakfast dish. It is prepared with millet, lentils, wheat, and rice flour with spices and vegetables. Woah, that seems like a whole package. Have it with curd.

8. Paneer Parantha

Paranthas are forever versatile for Indians, we have stuffed aloo, pyaaz, gobi, and many more into it. Now it is time for paneer paratha. Not gonna lie, it does taste good with a bowl of boondi raita but you have to nail the art of making this paratha. The key is the spice up the paneer beforehand.

9. Oats Uttapam

Uttapam is a very tasty dish and many like to enjoy it hot. Those crispy edges with a slightly soggy middle section, wow, we are drooling! For this protein-rich Indian breakfast dish, switch out rice batter with oats. Finely ground the oats; add sooji, salt, and water to make a fine paste. Add veggies of your choice and voila! 

10. Mumbai-Style Egg Bhurji

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You know this Indian breakfast is going to be paired with some of the most buttery pav because it is Mumbai-style! Quick egg bhurji with a bunch of veggies with perfectly balanced spices makes for a wholesome breakfast option. Do not skip the cutting chai, it’s a ritual.

Which brekkie option do you want to have with your buddies at the vendors? Or better make it at home, it is not that much of a hassle.

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