10 Renowned Chefs Are Setting A Delicious 156-Ft ‘Hanu’s Table’ Under A Mango Tree Canopy In Chennai

Be part of the exclusive 10-course seated meal at the enchanting 'Hanu's Table'.

by Mallika Khurana
10 Renowned Chefs Are Setting A Delicious 156-Ft ‘Hanu’s Table’ Under A Mango Tree Canopy In Chennai

In the heart of India, a culinary spectacle is set to unfold, promising an epicurean journey like never before. Get ready for “India’s Culinary Odyssey,” a gastronomic pilgrimage curated by the culinary maestro, Chef Regi Mathew, and hosted by the visionary Mr. Hanu Reddy. Powered by the culinary excellence of Pushpa’s Kitchen, this event is not just a feast for the senses but a celebration of India’s rich culinary heritage and the unsung heroes behind it—our mothers.

‘India’s Culinary Odyssey’ Takes Over Chennai’s Food Scene


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Picture this – a 156-foot wooden masterpiece called “Hanu’s Table,” standing tall under the ancient canopy of 70-year-old mango trees. Crafted from trees fallen during the cyclone Vardah, it’s not just a table. It’s also a symbol of sustainability, unity, gratitude, and abundance. As guests gather around this architectural marvel, they are in for a treat beyond their taste buds.

On January 20, 2024, 106 exclusive guests will be transported into a world where flavours tell tales of cherished memories and culinary treasures crafted with love. Ten of India’s top chefs, including the renowned Hussain Shahzad, Varun Totlani, and Vicky Ratnani, will join forces under Chef Regi Mathew’s guidance. From the soulful warmth of South Indian kitchens to the spice-infused creations of the North, from the rich flavours of the East to the innovative dishes of the West, each dish on Hanu’s Table encapsulates the essence of a mother’s touch.

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A Global Affair Of Flavours And Culture

This isn’t just a meal; it’s a sensory experience, a journey through the diverse culinary landscape of India. Guests worldwide are joining this flavourful adventure, set against the backdrop of Hanu Reddy Raghava Farms in Chennai. It’s a culinary celebration that aims to showcase India’s talent and make it the world’s culinary capital.

But what drives this culinary movement? Meet the man behind the vision, Mr. Hanu Reddy, a real estate tycoon turned culinary enthusiast. Fueled by their belief in creating extraordinary opportunities for everyone, he and his organisation are committed to giving back tenfold. His dream? To position India as a global fine dining destination and pay tribute to the greatest chefs—our mothers. In honour of his own mother, Smt. Pushpaveni Reddy, Mr. Hanu Reddy also founded “Pushpa’s Kitchen,” a legacy of legendary hospitality. 

It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of India’s culinary brilliance. And you certainly wouldn’t want to miss a seat at Hanu’s Table.

Where: Hanu Reddy Raghava Farms, Chennai
When: 20th January, 2024; 6 pm onwards

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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