10 Things You Can Enjoy For AED 1 In Dubai

by Yogita Chainani
10 Things You Can Enjoy For AED 1 In Dubai

What do you think of a destination that is well-known for shopping and sightseeing around the world? You are deafeningly silent. You’ve just brought out the shopper in you. You’ve got a foodie in you. You have a wanderer inside of you. And get there as soon as possible! For you, that destination could be Dubai. Dubai would be a great contender for the best places to shop and eat if such an award existed. In Dubai, you can buy almost everything. From gadgets to fashion, jewellery to home decor, there’s something for everyone. Dubai caters to everyone’s needs. You can choose from a number of shopping options and a vast range of products in Dubai, or you can try a little bit of everything. While shopping in the UAE can be expensive, there are a few things you can get for just AED 1! No, no, no! These items aren’t extravagant by UAE standards, yet they’re cosy, popular, and a must-have. Here are some things you can get for AED 1 each.

1. An Abra Ride Ticket Across The Creek

For AED 1, you may take a picturesque boat trip while learning about Dubai’s rich history. Isn’t that fantastic?

Picture Credits: Visit Dubai

2. Oman Chips

If you visit the UAE and don’t try the Oman Chips, you’re missing out. Grab a package of Oman chips for just AED 1 and give your taste buds a flavour of Oman.

Picture Credits: tendraltamil.com

3. Pack Of Four Oreos

Love Oreos but don’t want to eat too many? Then go ahead and buy a pack of four Oreos for AED 1 and eat them guilt-free.

4. An Ice-cream At McDonald’s

Even if you had the nicest ice cream in the world, nothing beats a softy from McDonald’s for comfort. For only AED 1, you may share an ice cream with your friends.

Picture redits: Restaurant Business Magazine

5. Caramel Custard Pots

Custard, like caramel, is a symbol of love. And for AED 1, a combination of both is well worth the money.


6. A Cup Of Coffee At Satwa Cafe

By avoiding the foreign chains, you can have a delicious cup of coffee for just AED 1 and save thousands of dirhams per year.

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Picture Credits: indianexpress.com






7. Samosas By The Creek

Food and boating are inextricably linked. For only AED 1, you may savour some delectable samosas.

Picture Credits: TripAdvisor

8. Timibit At Tim Hortons

It’s a small snack, but it’s well worth AED 1. Buy it today because it’s flavorful and inexpensive.

Pic Caption: Twitter

9. A Packet Of Emirates Pofaki

To get some calories, all you need is a little pack of cheese-flavoured snacks for AED 1.

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10. A Cup Of Karak

A cup of Chai is impossible to put a price on, but one cup for AED 1 is a bargain. On that point, here are some of the greatest Karak spots in Dubai.

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