11 Best Adult Dating Sites for Casual Dating in 2023

by Curly Tales Desk
11 Best Adult Dating Sites for Casual Dating in 2023

Having problems meeting someone for an easy date? You don’t need to read a whole book on how to talk to women or men. You just need to log in to the best adult dating sites!

The most efficient way to find a casual date is to find someone on a dating site with the same intentions as you. Within minutes, you can get matches of people nearby with similar interests, that look appealing to you.

But what dating sites are worth the money and time? That’s what we’re going to talk about today, along with some tips on how to expedite your casual adventure.

Here’s a look at who came in first.

Top 6 Best Adult Dating Sites

These are the top 6 results we’ll dig deeper into, plus 5 more. Keep reading to discover them all!

  1. Adult Friend Finder – #1 of the best adult dating sites
  2. Ashley Madison – Married friend finder
  3. Seeking – Plenty of rich men
  4. Zoosk – Like TikTok of dating sites
  5. Elite Singles – Date someone successful and interesting
  6. Alt.com – Find that little extra touch

1. Adult Friend Finder – Overall #1 of the Best Adult Dating Sites

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  • Thriving active users & adult dating community
  • Casual dating with complete photos
  • Chat rooms & discussion forums
  • Streaming video shows
  • Most trusted casual dating website
  • Massive user base with 70 million members


  • Pricey
  • Limited free version


  • $19.95/mo for 12 months
  • $26.95/mo for 3 months
  • $39.95 for 1 month

Adult Friend Finder is the world’s most popular adult dating community. Not only can you find members of any country, it also offers the best variety of social media features. You can search for casual dating by location, by daily matches, by whoever is online, or by a filtered search.

You can start conversations over photos or like/comment on someone’s post. Add friends, make plans, and post personal ads. If you’re more of a discriminating shopper, you can always meet someone with particular tastes in the discussion forums or the live chat rooms, which are each dedicated to a unique niche.

These may be specific locations, fantasies, and experiences, as well as less commonly known preferences. Finally, you can’t go wrong with AFF’s live-streaming video shows. You can take your pick of watching live amateurs on camera or professional internet models.

AFF provides a variety of options in a friendly environment suitable for casual connections. If you’re looking for quick connections, checking out who else is online late at Adult Friend Finder might be your best move.

See why Adult Friend Finder is the #1 adult dating site worldwide!

2. Ashley Madison – Best for Married Lovers

Ashley Madison
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  • Casual dating with married people
  • Anonymous, secure & discreet
  • Photo editing tools onsite
  • Private & public galleries
  • Women get a free premium membership
  • 75 million members


  • Some fake profiles
  • Married dating could be a turn-off for some


  • 1000 credits for 25 cents a credit
  • 500 credits for 30 cents a credit
  • 100 credits for 49 cents a credit

Ashley Madison has been turning people on and off, for well over 20 years. Sure, the site was controversial when it first debuted. But eventually, people came to the realization that you might as well enjoy it since life is so short.

Of course, Ashley Madison has grown since 2001 and now counts swingers, open-marriage couples, and other non-monogamous types among its community. Still, the adult dating site maintains an environment that’s anonymous, discreet, and made to keep your secrets very secret.

You can count on a secure dating experience, anonymous communication and handles, private and public photo galleries, and even photo editing tools to mask or blur your face.

As far as casual dating goes – if you have an interest in married individuals or appreciate the idea of short-term connections with married people, Ashley Madison provides a fast, secure, and straightforward experience.

Have an affair at Ashley Madison, the most notorious adult dating site!

3. Seeking – Best Adult Dating Site to Meet Wealthy Individuals

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  • Best for luxury matchmaking
  • For casual relationships with rich & famous
  • Verified profiles for rich & beautiful
  • Video chat
  • Good for long-term relationships that aren’t traditional
  • 40 million members


  • Rich guys are not everyone’s cup of tea
  • Expensive site & lifestyle


  • $15 for 3 months introductory rate
  • $90/mo monthly normal rate
  • $274.99 VIP Diamond Package

While dating a rich and semi-famous guy is not on everyone’s bucket list, it’s hard to deny it’s very tempting. Seeking will help you “step up” and give you the luxury experience you crave.

With a 4-1 female-to-male ratio, it’s obvious which site has the largest membership of millionaire dates. These are not just men who pay for dates, but men who travel across the world, own their own companies, or are independently wealthy. It’s safe to say he’s no stranger to partying and spoiling his date with the finer things in life.

With such touchy subject matter, it’s no surprise that Seeking has online tools to help you make sure you’re dating the real thing. We’re talking verified profiles (always check documentation, photos, and sometimes income) and video chat long before you meet in person.

If you’ve ever scarfed down a Big Mac on a date and wondered where you went wrong, Seeking will help you find your smile again.

Visit Seeking, the #1 adult dating website for luxurious dates!

4. Zoosk – Best of the Dating Sites for Finding a Friend with Benefits

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  • Great for finding FWBs
  • Live video chats
  • Get to know friends at Zoosk Live
  • Chat with people you meet on camera
  • Play dating games
  • 40 million members


  • More sociable than most dating apps
  • Limited free preview


  • $10.83/mo for 6 months
  • $11.66/mo for 12 months
  • 13.32/mo for 3 months

While many dating sites offer casual flings, Zoosk is something special. It offers a window into a person’s life – courtesy of Zoosk Live!, the adult dating community that shares videos.

You can meet all sorts of online friends in your area and quickly get live video of them, as well as a glimpse into their personality and lifestyle. Everyone loves to talk, rant, and share stories on Zoosk. It’s kind of like TikTok but filled with attractive singles of all ages.

Zoosk is actually one of the most popular adult dating apps for people over 40 and has a high population of seniors over 55, as well as many people under 30. It’s diverse, fun to interact with, and serves as the perfect “icebreaker” to dating in the modern age.

Zoosk not only lets you stream or watch other Zoosk-ers, but you can also play dating games, make online friends, and meet lots of people.

So you could say that Zoosk is not great for one night stands or casual flings, but great for making friends and friends with benefits. The more you know about a person, the more you chat, the easier it is to stay friends. And making more friends is one of the best ways to have more casual dates!

Check out Zoosk for finding friends and FWBs!

5. Elite Singles – Top Adult Dating Site for Meeting Someone Successful

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  • Casual flings for successful singles
  • Or long-term relationships too
  • Great adult dating site for executive romance
  • Matching algorithm based on the 5-factor model
  • Flirt with “wild cards” too
  • 12 million members


  • Very limited free preview
  • Not great for 9-5 workers


  • $29.95/mo for 3 months
  • $19.95/mo for 6 months
  • $59.95/mo for 1 month

Elite Singles was practically invented for office romances. Your company, on the other hand – probably frowns upon it, right?

But hey, Elite Singles gets it. There is something very sexy and yet safe about dating someone who has a good job, comes from an academic background, and actually likes to converse about life.

A strong mental connection makes casual dating better!

Elite Singles specializes in matching people together based on a five-factor model of personality test. Instead of just matching people together on tagged interests, the system actually finds someone you’re statistically likely to get along with based on personality traits.

But don’t worry. Elite Singles also throws some “wild card” matches out there, too, just in case you want some eye candy once in a while. The section is called “Have You Met?” and contrasts the usual 5-10 matches you get every day.

Elite Singles isn’t for the unemployed, and yes, 85% of members have a college degree. But if you want to meet up with someone successful, look no further.

Try Elite Singles to mingle with successful singles.

6. Alt.com – Top Online Dating Platform for BDSM Aficionados

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  • The most famous online dating BDSM site
  • Chat rooms & forums for extreme kinks
  • Lots of NSFW photos
  • Streaming video with models or amateurs
  • A giant menu of kinks to explore
  • Part of the trusted Friend Finder network


  • Small membership
  • Definitely not for vanilla seekers


  • Silver – $8.33/mo for 12 months
  • Gold – $12.50/mo for 12 months
  • Gold – $19.99/mo for 3 months

You know Alt.com is extreme since they have to create a whole other site for its members’ kinks! If you think AFF and Feeld are too vanilla, then log in to Alt.com immediately.

Alt.com is based on Adult Friend Finder’s design (and part of the same network) but has chat rooms, blogs of other members, and forums devoted to much more niche topics and less common fetishes.

The community has very specific kinks that you can follow and post about, from fetishes to 24-7 power exchange, bondage, and consensual humiliation.

Naturally, with extreme kinks comes the need for maturity and rules. Some forums have very specific guidelines that new users have to read and follow in order to contribute to the chat. Alt.com also offers live video streaming of members and professional models, who may cater to the niches that you can’t find on other mainstream dating sites.

There’s an active casual dating community here, but keep in mind it’s not all about hooking up. Some roleplayers want everything but that, so communication is key here.

Explore Alt.com, the best adult dating site for BDSM!

7. What’s Your Price – Best Dating Site for Women

What's Your Price
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  • Most unique online dating app
  • Auction yourself off to the highest bidder
    You can accept or deny any offer
  • No strings attached dating fun
  • Make money just for going out
  • 5 million members


  • Auction-style dating not for all tastes
  • Some fake profiles & ghosters


  • 100 credits at 50 cents per credit
  • 500 credits at 30 cents per credit
  • 1000 credits at 25 cents per credit

Bumble gets a lot of credit for making things convenient for women. But sorry, not sorry…

What’s My Price is actually the best site for women since it’s the only site that pays you for the trouble of going on a date.

You don’t have to be a millionaire or Hollywood-level gorgeous to join, either. People just join the auction dating site, see who’s willing to bid on a date, accept the date if they want (with no strings attached), and see what happens.

Naturally, women find the most success on the dating site, and the average winning bid is about $100. Some will go on to find a really good relationship, some will find a sexy fling, and some may just get an easy $100 out of the situation.

Even if no one bids on you, as unlikely as that is, you still lose nothing putting yourself out there. It works like a dating auction for charity, except it’s for fun. What’s My Price may not be for all tastes, but there’s no question that women and men both enjoy the competition.

There’s really no other site like it.

Visit WhatsMyPrice and rediscover the fun side of dating!

8. Silver Singles – Best of the Dating Sites for Seniors

Silver Singles
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  • Ideal dating platform for 50 & over
  • Many 40-year-old members too
  • Simple and easy-to-use layout
  • Many users have college degrees
  • Questionnaire-based matching
  • 13 million members


  • Limited free preview
  • Many members still want a serious relationship


  • $12.95/mo for 6 months
  • $17.95/mo for 3 months
  • $29.95/mo for 1 month

Who says only hot young 20-year-olds can have casual flings? Why not 50, 60, 70, and 80-year-olds for that matter?

Silver Singles is a dating site made for senior and pre-senior singles. While most dating sites are friendly to seniors, Silver Singles has the highest membership of users over 40.

Much like Elite Singles, another adult dating site on our list, Silver Singles matches users together based on a five-factor model of personality test. You fill out your profile and take the questionnaire, which will help you find someone that matches your personality, as well as your lifestyle, body type, and career.

While the same parent company owns Elite Singles and Silver Singles, the latter is clearly for any and all users looking for romance, while Elite Singles is targeted toward executive career pros. SilverSingles may claim to offer serious relationships, but the truth is many seniors are sexually active and aren’t in a hurry to commit – especially if they’re widowed or divorced.

This one is quickly becoming the most popular dating service for singles over 50.

Find out why SilverSingles is the #1 choice for senior adult dating

9. Hinge – Best Adult Dating App for Having a One Night Stand

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  • Best free adult dating option
  • Sophisticated app that’s Safe For Work
  • Mutual match-based algorithm
  • Video chat before your date
  • Moderated profiles
  • 23 million members


  • Must get paid membership for best matches
  • Pricey


  • Plus – $14.99/mo for 6 months
  • Plus – $19.99/mo for 3 months
  • X – $24.99/mo for 6 months

Hinge is a popular adult website that offers location matching, smart matchmaking, as well as number of security features. What it does not have is a thriving social community within the app. Probably a good thing, because if you want a one-night stand, you don’t necessarily want to see the person on a weekly basis!

Hinge’s lack of a community, but many safety features, makes it an ideal casual dating app for people who just want a one-night stand. They’re looking for serious relationships, but they also don’t like the randomness of Tinder and Craigslist Casual Encounters.

Hinge’s matchmaking is very smart too. Based on the Gale-Shapley algorithm, the dating app matches you with people more likely to like you. In other words, mutual matches. The casual dating app also tracks your dates and app usage to make better matches.

The app is expensive, but it has safety features the average casual dating site doesn’t have. Profiles are moderated for quality. You can live chat with a person before going on a date. You even get icebreaker prompts so you can relax with your upcoming date before meeting up.

Hinge’s lack of a community, not to mention the SFW atmosphere, makes it ideal for dating site users who can’t bring themselves to use the X-rated Adult Friend Finder or the social media-crazy Zoosk.

Have a one-night stand with style at Hinge!

10. Feeld – Best Adult Dating App for Finding Swingers & Threesomes

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  • Best adult dating sites choice for threesomes
  • Swinger-friendly dating app too
  • LGBT friendly
  • Couples can create linked profiles
  • Free app has limited features
  • 2 million members


  • Still a fairly new site
  • Free option is very competitive


  • $10.33/mo for 3 months
  • $9.16/mo for 12 months
  • $19.99 for 1 month

You can’t get much better casual sex than swinging and threesomes! All of the partying without the commitment. And, of course, three or four (or ten) is always better than two.

Feeld is definitely going for this demographic since it encourages couples to join as members and then pair their profiles together. It’s the best way to search for like-minded swingers, or couples looking to have a threesome experience.

It’s LGBT-friendly, sharing-friendly, and very non-monogamous. However, you will also find that Feeld is one of the most honest and ethical dating apps, as it does not encourage cheating.

Feeld offers some limited use in the free version, including free communication when there’s a mutual match. However, the Feeld Majestic Package gives you unlimited likes, direct messaging, the ability to see who liked or viewed your profile, and the ability to add private photos.

As far as free adult dating sites go, Feeld is an all too rare “unicorn” with the features that matter.

Experience Feeld, a great casual dating app for swinging!

11. Tawkify – Best New Site for Casual Dating or More

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  • Human staff helps find great matches
  • Values-based algorithm
  • Works with other dating apps to get better matches
  • Custom date planning
  • Ultra-moderated community
  • 1.5 million members


  • Fairly small membership
  • Extremely pricey


Packages starting at $3,000

On the home page, Tawkify boasts a success rate that’s 6.5 times higher than other online dating apps. Well, you’ve got our attention!

What makes Tawkify so effective? It’s in their custom matchmaking, personalized attention by experts, and custom date planning.

For starters, Tawkify will not accept your dating profile if you’re truly “undateable.” They specialize in finding matches for people who are deserving, earnest, and willing. All profiles are moderated, and staff members even do a background check on all new members.

The site’s matching algorithm is based on values as well as preferences. Tawkify is also one of the few paid adult dating sites that work with other online dating sites to find you better matches.

The site is ideal for both casual sex and long-term relationships, because of staff members’ commitment to finding the best possible match. If you want an adult dating site staffed by humans and not just algorithm bots, this is a great choice.

See why everyone’s talking about Tawkify finding the perfect match!

Best Adult Dating Criteria

Wondering how we decided on the top adult dating websites? Wonder no more – here are the criteria we used.

Casual Dating Site Success Rate

In terms, even our good friend, a certain Mister Beavis, could understand… Just how likely are you to score using these apps?

We had to special consideration to dating apps that got good reviews and were generally associated with easy casual dates. Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison had name notoriety for that very reason, though not everyone’s a fan of their clientele.

Matchmaking Algorithm

Most online dating sites have very simple matchmaking software. It could be randomized or based on shared interests.

We were far more impressed with companies like Hinge and Elite Singles, who had specific matchmaking strategies in mind.

Mainstream dating apps have to find the balance between recommending more people nearby and compatible personality types.

Relationship Versatility

The vast majority of active users are not sure what they want when they first sign up on online dating sites. They want something more serious than a one-night stand, but they also don’t want to jump into commitment.

That’s why we rewarded sites and apps that offered a serious relationship as well as an easy fling – and especially if the site was user-friendly enough to let YOU make that personal decision.

Adult Features

The best adult dating apps are only as good as their special features.

While most adult dating apps offered discretion and texting, we were more satisfied with modern features. These include features like video chat, video streaming, and even a video-sharing community, in the case of Zoosk.

However, old school features were also considered. The ability to upload photos and mask them (Ashley Madison), and the freedom to post in chat rooms and forums (Adult Friend Finder), were some of the features that caught our interest.


Dating websites are only as good as their prices. Tawkify is a great site, but with thousand-dollar packages, it’s inaccessible to most of our readers.

We have to consider not only regular monthly price, or in the case of Ashley Madison, price per message, but also special dating site offers for short-term periods.

Best Adult Dating Sites FAQ

Got more questions about choosing the best dating site? Let’s talk answers.

What are some completely free dating apps?

Some completely free dating apps include Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Feeld.
However, keep in mind free dating apps usually have locked features that only premium subscriptions can open.

Has anyone ever had a casual date using free dating sites?

Yes, plenty of people have had casual dates using free dating sites.

You will often read personal anecdotes about meeting random strangers on apps like Hinge, Adult Friend Finder, and Ashley Madison.

However, it’s not exactly easy to find a compatible date. Many people, especially men, have to swipe hundreds of times a week just to find a mutual match.

Meeting up in real life is also more difficult than all the online stories would have you believe.

What is the best adult dating site?

The best casual dating site is a matter of personal taste. Over 90 million people might say Adult Friend Finder is the best site for adults to find a casual date.

However, many would also claim Hinge, Bumble, or Feeld are the most effective in finding quality friends with benefits.

It really depends on what you’re looking for, as each site has different demographics and mindsets among its users.

What are the best dating sites to meet someone rich?

The best dating sites to meet someone rich might include Seeking, Elite Singles, and Secret Benefits.

Many users looking for millionaires like Seeking.com, because of its verification options, as well as the 4-1 female to male ratio, which suggests the rich and famous do visit fairly often.

What is the best adult dating app for women?

Bumble is often listed as the best adult dating app for women. However, many women also prefer What’s My Price and Seeking.

Seeking is a luxury dating app that targets wealthy men, whereas What’s My Price is an auction-style dating site where members pay each other just to show up on a date.

What is the best online dating site for men?

Seeking is the best online dating site for men if you’re wealthy and a big tipper.

However, for most men, Adult Friend Finder is the most enjoyable site. It has an active user community, plenty of NSFW photos, and a lot of swingers and sharing couples you can meet.

What is the worst dating site?

While some people might list Tinder as the worst dating site for “bad experiences”, it’s hard to deny that Craigslist is far worse.

Can you believe people are still searching for Craigslist dating ads even though it doesn’t allow personal ads anymore?

The Craigslist era is over, people! You can do much better than Craigslist.

Consider, for example, Adult Friend Finder, the raunchiest adult dating site of the modern era.

Why do I have such a hard time with casual dating?

Some people do have a hard time with casual dating and seem to “stand in their own way.”

People report getting nervous on dates, saying something inappropriate, or being “friend-zoned.”

They consciously want casual sex but subconsciously resist the opportunities that come their way.

One study was done in 2022, suggesting that women don’t enjoy casual sex as much as men do. The psychiatric community seems divided on whether casual sex is a good thing or bad, according to dating studies compiled by Psychology Today.

What we know for sure is that some people enjoy it, and some people think they will enjoy it but don’t after it’s over. Finding your own personal contentment in dating is part of the learning process.

How should I act on a casual dating site?

When initiating a conversation on a casual dating site for the first time, remember these tips.

  • Do try to focus attention on the other person, not yourself
  • Do be flirty, but not overtly sexual
  • Do try to talk about something fun or funny
  • Do mention something in your mutual match’s bio – something you found interesting
  • Don’t bring up anything negative
  • Don’t talk about your exes or previous dating experiences
  • Don’t take hours at a time to reply to one simple message
  • Don’t bother posting bad photos or overly simple bios – try harder!

Follow this etiquette and reduce the chance of being ghosted!

What best adult dating sites might lead to a serious relationship?

The best adult dating sites that could lead to a serious relationship include dating apps like eHarmony, Hinge, and Elite Singles.

A dating app should use an advanced algorithm to match people together based on true compatibility.

The relationship app eHarmony matches people according to shared values. Hinge uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm for better mutual liking matches. Elite Singles uses a five-factor model personality test.

The better the matchmaking for flings with emotional connection, the better the chance of turning that fling into a more serious relationship.

Why Your Adult Dating Site Choice Matters

It’s easy to conclude that all casual dating sites and apps offer the same thing, and one is just as good as the other.

But it’s not true!

The casual dating sites you choose will directly affect your dating life and your success rate.

Each of the adult dating sites sends you to a different group of singles, with different values and personalities. Many people only use one or two dating sites, and may never see your profile if you choose the wrong one!

The reason we chose Adult Friend Finder was because of its high membership, well-known name and reputation, and a certain notoriety for helping its members to find a casual date fast.

The name of the game is being at the right place at the right time, especially in casual dating.

Why not see how easy and fun dating can be by testing one of the best adult dating sites tonight?

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