11 Passengers Injured As Hong Kong Flight Performs “Aborted Takeoff” Due To Tyre Burst

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
11 Passengers Injured As Hong Kong Flight Performs “Aborted Takeoff” Due To Tyre Burst

About 11 people flying on Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific flight CX880 had to be hospitalised on Saturday at 12:58 am. The incident took place at Hong Kong International Airport after the flight aborted takeoff due to a technical glitch detected by the crew. The flight was flying to Los Angeles, and the incident took place while evacuating the plane. Here is what exactly happened on the flight: 

Hong Kong Flight Performs “Aborted Takeoff”

There were 293 passengers and 17 crew members on board. The flight was flying from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. After the crew discovered a technical problem, in accordance with standard procedures, the aircraft performed an aborted takeoff.

A precautionary evacuation was taking place when passengers used the five-door escape slides back at the gate. 

According to the South China Morning Post, the airline had to cancel takeoff after at least three of the aircraft’s tyres exploded. One male and ten women, ages 29 to 77, were hurt while utilising the emergency slide to evacuate the aircraft, according to the SCMP, which cited the police. 

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Looking After The Crew And Passengers Is A Priority

Cathay Pacific said that about 11 passengers were being treated at the hospital. They sustained injuries during the evacuation process and were being treated. It mentioned that, currently, looking after the affected crew and passengers is their top priority. 

On Sunday, by about 10:30 am, nine out of the eleven injured passengers had been discharged from the hospital. The airlines informed that they will continue to provide assistance and support to the two passengers and their families. 

Another aircraft was arranged, and the flight departed for Los Angeles at 10:12 am. It carried the remaining 283 passengers, according to Hong Kong Airlines.

Cathay Pacific sincerely apologised for the disruption that took place.

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We wish a speedy recovery to the passengers. What are your views on this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons