11 Passengers Injured On A Los Angeles-Bound Cathay Pacific Flight After Take-Off Was Aborted

by Shreya Rathod
11 Passengers Injured On A Los Angeles-Bound Cathay Pacific Flight After Take-Off Was Aborted

In Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is the flag carrier. A recent incident took place with the airline’s Hong Kong to Los Angeles flight. And that resulted in injuries to the passenger. Here are the details of the incident that happened on the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong to Los Angeles flight.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong To Los Angeles Flight Faced A Technical Issue!


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On Saturday morning at Hong Kong’s international airport, when the airline aborted takeoff due to a technical problem, eleven individuals were hurt on Cathay Pacific’s aircraft CX880. Cathay said in a statement that the incident was caused by a technical problem.

There were 293 passengers and 17 crew members on board the flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. After the crew discovered a technical problem, it conducted an aborted take-off in accordance with standard procedures. According to Cathay, the injuries happened when passengers used the five-door escape slides to evacuate the aircraft during a precautionary evacuation back at the gate. One of the aircraft’s tyres exploded due to an overheated condition.

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The statement stated that nine of the eleven passengers who sought medical attention in hospitals have been released. Further, they promised to support the two hospitalised passengers and their families. The airline expressed sincere regret for the inconvenience to its clients.

Not The First Incident With The Airline

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On August 23, a Cathay Pacific flight had to do a U-turn and return to Manchester. It was flying to Hong Kong from Manchester Airport in the UK. The landing gear did not retract after takeoff, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing at Manchester Airport. Despite the problem with the gear retracting, the plane landed safely without endangering the people inside—passengers or crew.

Another incident took place on the Hong Kong to Manila flight. On February 1st, a Cathay Pacific flight made an urgent landing back at the airport owing to an engine problem.

During a chaotic day at Hong Kong International Airport, passengers on a Cathay Pacific flight to Singapore were left stuck and hungry on the aircraft for five hours owing to a mechanical issue.

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As of now, there are no other details regarding the recent incident.

Cover Image Courtesy: Cathay Pacific/ Instagram