13-YO Meerut Boy Sends Hoax Bomb Threat Email To Air Canada Flight; Arrested

It is important to educate young people about the gravity of hoax threats.

by Nikitha Sebastian
13-YO Meerut Boy Sends Hoax Bomb Threat Email To Air Canada Flight; Arrested

Delhi Police have apprehended a 13-year-old boy from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, for sending a hoax bomb threat email targeting an Air Canada flight from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) to Toronto.

Meerut Boy Sends Hoax Bomb Threat Email

Image Courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)

The email caused a security scare, prompting a thorough inspection of the Air Canada flight. Thankfully, no suspicious items were found. The investigation, however, led the police to Meerut where they identified the young culprit.

According to reports, the boy used his mother’s mobile internet connection – specifically via WiFi – to send the threatening email. In an attempt to cover his tracks, he deleted the email address used to send the message.

This incident highlights the seriousness of hoax bomb threats, even if perpetrated by a minor.  Such threats can cause significant disruption to air travel, leading to delays, cancellations, and diverting flights. The mobilisation of security personnel and resources to investigate these threats comes at a considerable cost, not to mention the anxiety caused to passengers and crew.

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Why Did He Do It?

Image Courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)

When questioned by police, the boy admitted he was inspired by recent media reports about a hoax bomb threat at Mumbai Airport. He said these reports made him curious to see if he could avoid getting caught by doing something similar.

This revelation underscores the importance of responsible media reporting on such incidents. While keeping the public informed is crucial, detailed descriptions of the methods used in hoax threats can inspire copycats, as seems to be the case here.

The boy’s actions serve as a reminder of the potential consequences of such actions. Law enforcement agencies in India take bomb threats very seriously, and anyone caught making such threats can face severe legal repercussions, regardless of their age.

It is important to educate young people about the gravity of hoax threats. They should understand the disruption and fear caused by such actions. Parents and guardians also have a responsibility to monitor their children’s online activity and ensure they understand the importance of responsible internet use.

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The Delhi Police have not yet revealed the specific charges the boy will face.  However, this incident should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone considering making a hoax bomb threat. The potential consequences are simply not worth the risk.

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