16-Year-Old Indian-American Teenager Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
16-Year-Old Indian-American Teenager Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco

With mental health not given much importance, many people tend to end their lives by committing suicide. I am sure you all must have come across many cases of suicides every day. In another unfortunate incident, an Indian-American teenager attempted suicide by jumping off a famous bridge in San Francisco. He jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and is no more. 

Indian-American Teenager Commits Suicide

An Indian-American teenager committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in San Francisco. His bicycle, bag, and phone were found on the bridge. According to the US Coast Guard, the 16-year-old boy jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge at 4:58 in the evening. They immediately began rescue operations after confirming that they saw a human jumping off.

The rescue operation went on for 2 hours, but they could not find the body of the 12th grader. They said that there are almost no chances to believe that the boy is still alive. Ajay Jain Bhutoria, a community leader, said that this is the fourth incident of suicide that involves an Indian-American person.

Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Bridge Rail Foundation, San Francisco

Bridge Rail Foundation has informed us that the data on people committing suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge is very disturbing. The Bridge Rail Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to put an end to suicides on this bridge. The data showed that about 2000 suicide cases have been recorded ever since the bridge was opened in 1937.

It also showed that last year, about 25 people put an end to their lives here. The 1.7-mile bridge will have a 20-foot-wide iron mesh installed on both sides by the state government. The work on this project began back in 2018 and is still running behind schedule.

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May the departed soul rest in peace.

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