18,000 Ft In The Air! With 31 And 46 Skydivers, Skydive Dubai Sets 2 National Skydiving Records For UAE

SKydive Dubai has set 2 national records within the last three weeks. Here's all about it.

by Shreya Rathod
18,000 Ft In The Air! With 31 And 46 Skydivers, Skydive Dubai Sets 2 National Skydiving Records For UAE

For adventure enthusiasts, skydiving is one of the most sought-after sports. And Skydiving Dubai just offers that! In fact, if you are a first-timer, this is the perfect place to start. Recently, Skydive Dubai set two national skydiving records for the United Arab Emirates; here’s all about it.

Skydive Dubai Sets 2 National Skydiving Records For UAE

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Credits: Press Release

Skydive Dubai has set two national records for the United Arab Emirates in the previous three weeks. Thus, solidifying its leadership in the sport. The first one of them is a Head-Up Formation which was recorded on April 28, 2024, at Skydive Dubai’s Desert Campus. The VFS Head-Up formation was coordinated by experts, involving 31 skydivers and redefined the limits of aerial sports. Moreover, this impressive formation took eight tries, which demonstrates the group’s extraordinary synchronisation and dedication.

Another one is a Head-Down Formation which was recorded in the same place on May 14, 2024. With 46 participants and eight tries, Skydive Dubai’s Flight School team made history! In both record attempts, skydivers bailed out of the plane at an astounding 18,000 feet. Further, each participant got extra oxygen throughout the climb because of the high altitude.

Individuals From Around The World Participated

skydive dubai
Credits: Press Release

Though the skydivers were mostly from the UAE, individuals from Kuwait, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Italy, and Russia participated in this historical event. In fact, the staff consists of worldwide champion instructors, seasoned pilots, and specialised operations teams who operate with the utmost professionalism. A seasoned videographer was also arranged to capture the formation for record verification. The Emirates Aerosports Federation carefully examined and evaluated the video after the attempts before formally approving the records.

Mohamad Javad, Executive Vice President of Leisure & Entertainment, stated that Skydive Dubai is dedicated to pushing the limits of the sport and motivating adventurers and thrill-seekers throughout the globe. They provide exceptional skydiving experiences, encouraging fans all around the world to experience ever-higher levels of thrill and accomplishment.

This summer, if you are in the mood for the ultimate thrilling experience, take a jump at Dubai Dropzone. And for future record attempts, skilled skydivers can get in touch with Skydive Dubai’s Flight School

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