2 53-Year-Old Emiratis Are Travelling Across Europe, Giving Us Major #RetirementTravelGoals

Emiratis In Europe
by Anupriya Mishra

Haven’t we all been so busy with our lives, ensuring that we save up enough to support our family in the best way possible and thereby live a retirement life that’s just filled with bliss? Well, who doesn’t want the second innings of their lives to be filled with leisure and luxury? Well, if you and your buddies also have extensive retirement goals, make sure to read this article because we are here to tell you about two Emirati friends, who are living their best retirement lives by taking a road trip across Europe in their trusty 2013 Toyota Camry.

2 Emiratis Are Covering Europe On Their Toyota


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Salah Al Shamsi and Ibrahim Al Bashir are two retired Emirati friends who have been planning the fantastic journey of their lifetime since 1994. Both of them are 53 and retired and they are covering Europe on the trusty 2013 Toyota Camry. As they left Sharjah on June 20, the two Emirati friends have covered a whopping distance of 19,000 km is till date! While this is just the first leg of what will be an exploration of countries in Asia and Africa, they have a simple albeit ambitious goal of experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes. In a report by the National News, it was revealed that due to their prior responsibilities, they couldn’t start the journey before but now they are living their dreams.

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They Plan To Cover 53 Countries


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Talking about their inspiring journey, they started off in the UAE. Now they have covered countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Iraq, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, and Latvia. Before this, they had also taken a ferry to Finland and went on to cover Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Denmark, and France. With a plan to cross more than 53 countries, they are enjoying this fantastic Journey of a lifetime while marvelling at the architectural wonders, diverse nationalities, regional cuisine, and hospitality of the locals.

With such an inspiring journey that makes us want to plan similar memorable trips with our friends, these two Emiratis are certainly giving us major retirement travel goals. So, go ahead and tag your body and make extensive travel plans!

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