2 Drunk Tourists Spend The Night At The Eiffel Tower; Slapped With Criminal Charges

drunk tourists Eiffel Tower
by Tooba Shaikh

Remember the iconic movie Hangover? It tells the story of a group of friends who get so wasted that they wake up the following morning without recalling the crazy and adventurous events of the night before. Something similar happened in the romantic city of lights, Paris, recently. A couple of drunk tourists managed to spend an entire night in the Eiffel Tower! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, don’t get too excited because when they were discovered the next morning, they were arrested.

Drunk Tourists Spend Night At Eiffel Tower

drunk tourists Eiffel Tower

Image Credits: Canva Images

Every so often, life imitates art. Something similar happened when a couple of tourists got drunk and went to see the iconic landmark. The two tourists were of American nationality. According to an article recently published by Stuff, they had been drinking prior to visiting the tower.

They reportedly hopped a barrier which prevented the public from entering a restricted area. Because they were drunk, they were unable to get out of the area. They were discovered the following morning and were taken to the police.

The incident took place on the night of the 13th of August, Sunday. The two inebriated Americans were discovered on the 14th of August, the following day. They were slapped with criminal charges for doing so.

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False Bomb Threats

drunk tourists Eiffel Tower

Image Credits: Canva Images

The article also mentioned that just a little while ago, the iconic French landmark was closed for a particular period of time owing to bomb threats. Although the threat turned out to be a hoax. The country made headlines for protests that happened across the nation.

The protests were owing to the alleged police brutality that had been reported repeatedly in French media. The trigger for one such widespread protest was the murder of an immigrant teenager by a French police officer who shot him in the back. Emanuel Macron,  who is the president of the country, however, denied that any systemic racial bias existed within the police.

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