2 Women Wear 6 Kilogrammes Of Clothes To Save Up On Baggage Fee; Fined

by Mallika Khurana
2 Women Wear 6 Kilogrammes Of Clothes To Save Up On Baggage Fee; Fined

We are all aware of how annoying excess baggage can be. Every time we leave for the airport, we check the weight of our luggage at least five times so as to avoid any hassle at the airport. Well, two Australian teenagers were quite careless about it and tried to get away with the excess baggage fee in a rather creative way. These women wore 6 kg of clothes to avoid paying extra charges. Did it work? Certainly not!

Women Wore 6 Kg Clothes To Avoid Excess Baggage Fee

Women wore 6 kg clothes
Photo Credits: Canva

According to a report by The Mirror, on March 20, 19-year-old Adriana Ocampo was travelling back to Adelaide from Melbourne with her friend Emily Altamura. Ocampo was well aware that her carry-on bag weighed more than the 7 kg maximum allowed by her airline. They didn’t make arrangements hoping that carry-on bags won’t be weighed at the airport.

When they arrived at the airport, they found that the carry-on bags were being weighed as well. In order to not pay the excess baggage fee, the two friends came up with a weird idea and put on most of the clothes in their carry-on bags. First, they put on all their coats and jackets and tried to minimize the weight of their carry-on luggage. 

To avoid the 65$ extra baggage fee, Ocampo also wore a pair of baggy pants and tucked her iPad and t-shirts into them. Talking about the incident, she later told South West News Service that she knew she was looking like a bear while layering on all those clothes.

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Their Stunt Left The Fellow Passengers Annoyed

Women fined by airline
Photo Credits: Canva

This bizarre attempt didn’t leave their fellow passengers amused at all. It was an embarrassing situation for the girls as well. While some in the queue were annoyed by the delay caused by their actions, others were simply laughing at them. On top of it, this weird stunt to avoid paying extra didn’t work in the end. They were made to pay the baggage fine by the airline.

In their statement to the Independent, the airline staff also admitted that they acknowledge the comic side of this incident. However, they couldn’t let it go so as to be fair to all the passengers. They fined the women an excess baggage fee to maintain their standards and rules.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva