200-Year-Old Talabgaon Castle In Rajasthan Brings You The Essence Of The Bygone Era

Talabgaon Castle
by Mallika Khurana

Vacations are special for everyone. It is a time we take out of our immensely busy lives to spend with our loved ones and give ourselves a much-needed break. It is time to relax, and our surroundings play a huge role in that. If a peaceful and luxurious holiday is what you are seeking, explore Talabgaon Castle. Surrounded by pristine grounds, this unique heritage hotel invites you to experience the true Indian countryside.

Talabgaon Castle Exhibits A Rajput Architecture Style


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As the name reveals, this hotel is in a village that has a pretty talab (pond). As luxurious as this hotel is, there is a significant story behind it. The story of this huge fort goes back to the 18th century and was built in 1900 by Thakur Vijay Singh Ji Rathore. His descendants still live in a fort-turned-heritage hotel. Talabgaon Castle is a prime example of a restoration project that was executed flawlessly.

It combines royal history with modern elegance and is well-maintained. Since the haveli’s structure has not been altered, the rooms do not all have the same layout. The walls and courtyards of this castle are decorated with vibrant kathputlis, glass chandeliers, mosaic tiles, and hand-painted ceilings. The reading room and the quaint bar where courtesans congregated for drinks are exquisite.

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Indulge In A Luxurious Fort


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The Talabgaon team is particularly health concerned, and in keeping with centuries-old custom, they harvest and consume only organic produce from their nearby farms. They adhere to the ‘Farm to Table’ philosophy and provide dishes that reflects it. There is a quiet but burgeoning movement of people, chefs, and farmers who are dedicated to seasonal, fresh, organic food produced responsibly and locally for the benefit of the neighbourhood.

To add some adventure to your holiday, you can visit the polo grounds and horse stables in the evening. The Talabgaon team makes an effort to keep things interesting, particularly for visitors with young children. This is done through camel cart rides, village tours, and an evening entertainment programme that features fire-eaters and other performers who never fail to brighten the night.

Where: Village Post Talabgaon, Tahsil Lalsoat, District Dausa, Jaipur
Check-in time: 12 pm
Cost: Starting at ₹4500 / Night

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Talabgaon Castle